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Fitness Friday || 2012 Cincinnati Flying Pig Race Recap

#5 of Twelve In Twenty-Twelve

Sunday, May 6
Cincinnati, OH
Twelve In Twenty-Twelve #5
Weather – 60s, sunny (I never felt like it was too hot or too humid. Perfect!)

The last time I ran The Pig it was miserable. It poured down rain almost the entire race and that included a lot of thunder and lightening at the start. I swore I would never run it again. Fast forward. 2012. Perfect weather and a wonderful experience overall. This year I approached the finish line thinking, “I’m running this one again.”

I ran Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon the weekend before so running back to back weekend half marathons was a first. I was curious to see if I would  notice a difference in the way I felt or pace.

With a start time of 6:30 Chad and I left the house at 5:00. I love early morning so the early start was fine with me. Chad? Not so much. On the bright side by leaving when we did we avoided the traffic jam…sweet!

Before (Bathroom stop and bags checked. Ready for the starting line.)

Until mile 9 the entire course felt like hills. Nothing to steep but constant. No worries. I managed them better than any other time in the past! Would you consider this a hilly race?

Thoughts on the race:

  • The Pig has the greatest spectators. The energy and enthusiasm was fun.
  • I see Elvis every year at Crohn’s Conservatory. This year it occurred to me that he has probably been out there every year since the inaugural race.
  • I’ve stopped using my iPod almost entirely. Never thought that would happen.
  • This was Chad’s best street race to date. He’s ready for his ultra!
  • A first, ran a race in a skirt. Loved it! (More on my whole Lulu experience later.)
  • I didn’t really notice a difference during the race in how I felt with running half marys on back to back weekends, but this week my body feels a little more tired than usual.
  • Enjoyed the run! When I saw Chad at the finish line my first words were, “nice job” and then, “that was awesome!”
  • After the race Chad and I laughed ALOT and had so much fun simply walking back to the car. I’m lucky to be married to him 🙂
  • I don’t usually order race photos but I think I am for this one.
  • While looking at the race photos I noticed that my form has improved. Cool!


Chad was using this as training run for his next ultra the following weekend (tomorrow!). He tried out his new fuel pack. Verdict? Not bad but the straps slipped and loosened. Return it? I would.


A tech tee that actually fits.

The Bling

Chad thought it was funny to joke about getting the medal with the pig’s butt as if the other side wasn’t the front of the pig. I couldn’t help but laugh.

After the race I met up with Courtney (another Twelve In Twenty Twelve runner) of  Third Times A Charm at Starbucks.


According to Garmin

Distance: 13.1
Time: 2:14:38
Pace: 10:17
Sex Place:  1958/6777
Division Place:  254/882
According to the Race 
I’ve had distance differences between what my Garmin says and the official 13.1 before but not by this much. I’m going with the Garmin stats 🙂

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  1. I’ve heard so many great things about the Pig — It’s on my ‘to do list’ for someday! Thanks for the recap! I’m going to search back and look for your recap of the KDF Mini — that’s here in my town. 🙂

    1. How about next year!?!? It’s worth the trip 🙂

      We should plan a meet up Dianna.

  2. I really really love those medals! Congrats on another 1/2! Your legs are awesome!

  3. i LOVE your lulu outfit! i haven’t tried on any of their skirts, but i love this one on you! i’m SO glad we got to meet, next time we’ll have to double date for dinner or something!

  4. well I’d definitely say that is a hilly race – great job! I love the t-shirt and the medal – too funny! Congratulations on #5!

  5. Nice job Jill on Half #5/12! I love your race day outfit-very cute! That’s great that you got to meet Courtney. I’ve been contemplating a trip to NC just to see her.

  6. I have to say I actually think the medal is to darn cute. Nice job on the race and yes I would consider it hilly. Have a nice weekend Jill.

  7. Looks hilly to me! I love the shirt and medal. So cute! So great that you got to meet up with Courtney. SO fun:)

    1. Hills that never seemed to end! A reminder that I need to include hills in my training.

      Meeting Courtney was fun. You and I need to meet 🙂

  8. yeahh congrats on another race towards your goal. I have really heard great things about teh spectators, but that’s the first time i heard how hilly it was… still think it’s on my list to try sometime 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda. This race reminded me that I need to run hills more often for training.

      Def worth being on a to-run list 🙂

  9. I consider that a hilly race, I’ve ran in worse but it’s not completely flat either! Great job!!

    I LOVE the medal, now I want to run it just for that 🙂

  10. Congrats to you!! Um, yes…definitely a hilly half. Congrats on seeing your form improving…race pics are so helpful in that respect, it’s hard to find good form by feel.

    1. Thanks Laura! I just started noticing differences in form and I don’t know that I would have noticed by feel only.

  11. I would say that is a hilly race. That one big hill around mile 9 would have been pretty hard! You did really well! I am glad that this experience was better than last time!

    Good luck to Chad tomorrow! An Ultra! I am thinking of doing one, but am still scared, especially after doing the relay. I know I could do it, but it is going to be hard! He’s a champ!

    1. Thanks Kyria. Yes an ultra would be hard but I know you can do it. Maybe we should make it a goal for 2013 and train together virtually 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria. Chad has run all but one of my half marys for 12 in 2012. Happily surprised since he prefers trails.

  12. I’d consider that a hilly race. Congrats!

    I see your leg is still wrapped – how is it feeling?

    How fun to do the race with your husband, so awesome. Good luck to him tomorrow.

    1. We have the best time when we run together! The leg is fine. I’m done with PT and have one more appt with the ortho next week and I’m hoping to stop using the wrap. I waited until I was done with PT and confident that my quads are stronger.

      Thanks Carrie!

  13. I ran the pig last year and weather was rainy the whole time, glad yours turned out differently. My take on the hills- I remember some, but I think it was hyped up harder in my head so I didn’t think it was bad. Due to the terrain of where I live, something has to be REALLY hilly or LONG HILLS before I really notice since its an everyday thing here.

    Congrats on first back to back weekends (they are addicting!)

    1. They are addicting! I immediately wondered how I would do back to back on the same weekend 🙂

  14. That is a hilly race!! Congrats on a good race! I’m the same way, I hardly run with music anymore, there is so much else going on.

    Which vest does Chad have? I have the vest from Nathan’s and LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Christine. Until recently I have always run with music. In fact for the last 5 races I took my iPod just in case but never used it. Old habits 🙂

      I’ll ask Chad what vest he has and also mention Nathan’s to him. Thanks!

      Off for a long run 🙂

  15. Great job Jill!!! What a great picture of you two at the end!! A friend of mine ran this one too and loved it too! Good luck to Chad next weekend!

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