January || 2012 Project Life Blog Hop

Welcome to the first 2012 Project Life Blog Hop! Inspired by Becky Higgins.

Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping. No one’s life is perfect but everyone has a story and every family has a collection of memories. Putting pictures + stories together in Project Life makes us more aware of our blessings and encourages us to cultivate a good life.

In the forefront of my mind is to keep PL simple and sustainable for 366 days from the workspace to products to workflow.

What I saw as my biggest obstacle was the journaling. The perfect solution? Click the first image below for more info.

The Day One calendar pops up daily with a reminder to journal. It can also be used as an iPhone app for on the go journaling.

I’m still deciding what I want to include on my title page. Look for the completed title page next month.

My Workspace

One small table in our office sitting right next to my computer for easy access.

Week 1 

See the bottom right photo of Chad and I? That’s the beginning of one of my photography projects for 2012, 52 Weeks of Chad and Jill.


Week 2 

Week 2 Middle Front and Back

A trimmed pocket page in the middle of week 2 to highlight a special event, my daughter getting her ears pierced.


Week 3 

The “thoughts” stamped card is one of the folded journaling cards from the PL core kit with journaling for that specific photo on the inside.


Week 4 


Another photography project I’m including in Project Life is 4 People 12 Times.

So, relax, put your feet up and see a glimpse of Project Life.

If you started here, at my blog, and want to start from the beginning, go to Margie’s blog at http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog.

Your next stop is Margie at http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog.

Look for the February OLW Blog Hop on March 5.

SIGN UPS for March’s blog hop begin on Feb 15th. Email me at jillconyers@gmail.com and include a link to your blog. For the March 5th blog hop, put “MAR 5 PL Blog Hop” in the subject line so I don’t accidentally miss it.

Here is a complete list of blogs participating in the Project Life blog hop! (Note: the blog hop will go live by all participants no later than 8 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time). Allow for adjustments in time zones.

Jill http://jillconyers.com/ ———-> YOU ARE HERE
Next month: Project Life weeks 5-8 and a few of my favorite products.
2012 Family Times 12 Blog Hop Participants
Also linking up with Project Life Tuesday at The Mom Creative.


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  1. WOW-WOW-WOW- LOVE YOUR PAGES, l use alot of Alis stamps on my work too, her stuff is great, love what you have done

  2. Love your pages. Particularly love the card about what is on your iPod.
    Love how organized your working space is.
    And a blog hop too! How fun!!!

  3. Your pages look great and you have some really great goals! Love the idea of 52 weeks of you and your hubby….so fun!

    Have a great week!!

  4. what a great start to your Project Life…your pages are awesome, we are doing the photo of 4 people plus one dog 12x 🙂 I’m excited to see how that plays out. I love your stream line layout and keeping it simple. Keep Calm and Project Life on! 🙂

  5. Love your list of goals for 2012, wish I would have done that and your list of songs in your Iphone. Great glimpse into your life!

  6. Wow! You are doing so well! Love little touches like the iPod playlist…what a great inclusion.

  7. Fabulous pages. I particularly like the remember this ipod card (I’ve been thinking about documenting this too)and the overlays.

  8. Curious how to get in on the blog hop..I have week 1-5 all done and blogged 🙂 Thanks for any info!

  9. What a great idea! Love the ideas and who doesn’t love a blog hop? I would like to participate for March. Are you the organizer?

  10. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for setting up the PL Blog Hop! This was fun! I have to get in on the Family x12 project. I really wanted to do that last year but I’m not sure I succeeded with getting 1 every month. I’ll try again this year and maybe I need to join the group to keep me accountable!

    Thanks for the Day One journaling idea, LOVE your pages & the design details, inspired by your healthy lifestyle, LOVE the trimmed pocket page, and cool idea to document your Ipod music. Take care!

  11. LOVE how your album is coming along. I was originally going to go digital this year for PL, but decided to go traditional toward the end of January. Only thing, now I’m waiting for the page protectors to come back in stock. Are you using a typewriter to do your journaling?

  12. Thanks for putting this blog hop together Jill.

    Your pages look great, you really are capturing the everyday. I like that you are getting a lot of photos of the adults in the family too.

  13. this looks amazing jill! my favorite is the pic of you and chad in week 3!

  14. Your project is amazing! I wish that I had the creativity and time to put something like that together. I love your 52 weeks of Chad & Jill. Such a sweet idea. <3

  15. Thanks so much for putting together this blog hop! It was really fun to go through and see all of the different PL styles. Can’t wait for next month!

  16. Great project. I have been wanting to start the family photos / month project for awhile!

  17. Great family photo. Please pop by and say hi as I am playing along again this month but for some reason didn’t get the email.

  18. Love your workspace. So organized! That app looks great. I really struggle with journaling too. I really love the project life albums, I’m so tempted to buy it. As always I love looking at your pages and photos.

  19. Hey Jill! I love your area for working on PL and the idea of 52 weeks of 4 or of you and Chad. That’s the one thing I missed having a lot of in last year’s project . . . was the whole family or just hubby and me. May have to add that into my “to do” for the rest of the year. 🙂

  20. I love how you have incorporated some helpful tools such as the journaling app to aid you in sustaining PL for the entire year. And I love the idea of taking pictures each month of your and your husband and you and your family. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love your pages! I got some great ideas from them. Thanks for organizing the blog hop.

  22. Your album looks awesome Jill! Inspirational!! My favorite part is your 52 weeks of Chad & Jill. I might have to copy that in some form. Hmmmm…

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