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Three Things Thursday

1. Lets talk skin care during the winter. Dry! This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever used on my face for dry skin. Active Cell Renewal Night Serum at Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup.

2. I love stuff like this. Fitness. Commitment. Discipline. Inspiration. Motivation. Watching it makes me want to workout! And it just happens to include my new favorite running song.

3. Remember the Dirt Days Trail Race Series, Dirty Dozen and the Plate? The 2012 race schedule is out. Now to decide if I’m going to run the series again and if I do will I try for the Dirty Dozen. Decisions. Decisions. If I run the series at all my goal will be to run all 8 races. 

What’s on your mind this Thursday? Anyone running a race this weekend?
























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  1. On my mind: Is it Friday yet? 🙂

    Good luck this weekend with your half marathon!!! Which race are you running?

  2. I’m just hoping to feel better by the weekend. I’ve been sick all week 🙁

  3. I haven’t done a trail race yet and honestly I am not very coordinated at times so I’m a little worried a trail race for me could lead to disaster.

    That looks like a pretty tough trail race schedule to me!

    1. Hi Suzanne. It gets easier with practice and I am by no means fast on the trails. It’s amazing to see how fast some of the runners just seem to glide over the rocks, logs, holes…

  4. Jill, no offense, but you are crazy! 12 half marathons AND 8 trail races (plus…a marathon? a triathlon?) More power to you if you can fit it all in, but whew that seems like a lot of races!

    Besides that though, those trail races look like a lot of fun! I am trying to find more trail half marathons so I can run some trail races this year!

    1. haha…that’s what my family is saying 🙂

      No tri, maybe a marathon and considering my first ultra. The trail races are awesome. And I’ve read alot of advantages of combining street and trail runs for training.

  5. as you know i’m from dayton and although I dont live there, my family does. I’d be interested in telling me brother about the dirt days series… is this dayton based or cinci? I didn’t recognize any of the park names except that one was near kings island

    1. All of the races are in Cinci. There is a trail runners group in Dayton that Chad (husband) also runs with. Let me know if you want info for that group. I believe they also have a trail series.

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