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The Plan || P90X2 and Running

Today I’m starting P90X2 and 4 weeks of training runs leading up to my first of Twelve In Twenty Twelve half marathons, the Planet Adventure Winter Half.

About the race. There aren’t many half marathons to choose from in January that are within a 5 hour drive from my house. This race is a trail race, at night and is a loop. Not a fan of loops  because I get bored, I’ve only ever run a night race once before, it’s going to be cold to say the least and I’m so much slower on trails. A challenge for sure. What I can hope for is to run faster because it’s cold and stay too distracted by the night running to get bored by the repetition of a loop. Did I mention I’m running this with Chad? Loops, trails, and running at night. It’s a perfect combination for him.

My goal for this week is to see if my P90X2/running schedule is doable and sustainable for 90 days and make any needed adjustments. It won’t be easy but it’s only 90 days. Right? I’m sure I will also have to tweak my menu planning to allow for the increased level of activity. I guess this week is a nutrition and fitness test drive.

Monday: X2 Core; Run – 5
Tuesday: X2 Plyocide (the name kind of freaks me out!)
Wednesday: X2 Recovery + Mobility; Run – 6-7
Thursday: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper; Run – 4
Friday: X2 Yoga
Saturday: X2 Balance + Power; Run – 10
Sunday: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility (depending on how the week goes)

What do you think? Is it doable?

What’s your plan for this week? Are you starting anything new? Training for an upcoming race?

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  1. Dodi Gaba says:

    Hello Jill,

    I am wondering how it went? Were you able to combine the P90x-2 workouts with your running schedule? I am doing research on it now and just don’t know if I can do the running morning workout which is often an hour and then another hour in the evening for the P90X-2. I am leaning more towards combining my running schedule with the P90X-3 program as the workouts are only 30 minutes. Would love to hear how the program went and if you were able to do running + P90x2 for the entire 3 months.

    1. No it didn’t go as planned. The plan was not sustainable to be successful at either. I started alternating. Of course that made the P90X workouts go longer than 3 months but it was that or give up running. The 30 minute workouts would be a great option. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Good luck with the training! The January races are more sparse, aren’t they!? I am still trying to figure out which one I am going to do!

  3. This is totally doable! P90X is crazy…I’ve tried the first one but never stuck with it. At the time I wasn’t too into structured fitness plans but I love them now! I was thinking of trying it after I’m done with the LiveFit Trainer. I am going to follow and see how you’re liking it!

  4. Julia @ pain, pride and perseverance says:

    this sounds like an intense week of workouts but i totally know you can do it and will dominate! so excited for your 12 in 2012! it will be so fun to follow you on your journey 🙂

  5. I’m intrigued by P90x– haven’t tried it, but I’ve added in a lot more strength training the last year or two, and love the combination with running, feels so much more balanced than when I was only running years ago. I think it’s doable! Your body will let you know… I always back off leg work the 3-5 days before a race. You have an exciting year ahead!

    1. Hi Laura. Doing the P90X 90 day challenge was one of my best decisions in 2010! And then doing it again in 2011. I enjoy the balance of consistent strength training and running and I notice a big difference in endurance.

  6. Good luck with training for your first half marathon of the year!

    My husband and I are starting to get in triathlon shape, just went swimming today for the first time in awhile (but we were swimmers). We are possibly going to start training for a March half marathon as well.

    1. Thank you Jamie. I’m looking forward to following what you share about tri training.

  7. the name plyocide is enough to scare me away!! get a good headlamp for the trail!

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