Are you getting enough sleep?

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I run, workout, eat healthy diet, try to keep stress to a minimum and all the other healthy things I'm supposed to do so why is the number of hours I sleep I get such an exception? I'm not getting enough sleep so I've done a little research.

Did you know…

  • our bodies are programmed for two natural periods of sleepiness in a 24-hour day no matter how much sleep we've had in the past 24-hours, between midnight and 7 am and 1 pm and 4 pm
  • most adults need 7 to 9 hours sleep (I'm happy to get 6!)
  • if you don't get the amount of sleep your body needs you start to accumulate a sleep debt, but you can pay the debt of a few hours by getting extra sleep over the next week or so which is why we have such a strong urge to sleep in on Sat mornings (I don't sleep in on the weekends.)
  • not getting enough sleep can affect appetite control and overeating 


  • my daily low time no matter how much sleep I get is 4pm to 6pm (if that is a natural sleepiness time can it be changed?)
  • I need about 2 more hours of sleep 
  • I'm not paying off my sleep debt
  • I'm not to the point of overeating due to lack of sleep
  • I sleep soundly through the night but when I wake up in the morning it is almost impossible to go back to sleep no matter what time it is (that is the problem)
  • in the past month or so I've been up at 2:30am more times than I should (Ugh!)

How about you…

  • Do you sleep 7 to 9 hours a night?
  • If you wake up too early is it difficult to go back to sleep?
  • Do you sleep in on the weekends?
  • Do you have a "low time" during the day? 

If you have any tips on how to go back to sleep when you wake up too early I'd love to hear them!

(Information found at Web MD)


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  1. On a good week, I get about 7 1/2 hours on weeknights. I manage about 8 1/2 at the weekends (would sleep in more, but my OH is a bit of an early bird!). I have started to have weekend afternoon naps too. But I'd still like more 🙂

  2. If I don't get my 7-8 hours of sleep, I am a bear! I sleep better when I'm decaffeinated and haven't watched any television.

  3. I always make sure I get enough sleep because for me nothing less than 8 hours is enough for my body to run efficiently!

  4. Thank you for the tip Kim. As with most things I'll do a little research on the melatonin. Even if I can only use it on the weekends when I wake up too early. Definitely worth looking into.
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog:
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  5. That is exactly how I feel from 3-6 pretty much everyday. Hate it! When I wake up at 2 (or however early) one of the things I do is start thinking about all I could get done with the extra few hours. I can forget going back to sleep once I do that.
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog:
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  6. I could put my head down at 3pm and sleep very soundly! That must be my second down time! I definitely don't get enough sleep…6.5 hours. I try to sleep in on Sundays but I just keep thinking of all I need to do and can't go back to sleep!

  7. I've recently started working a night shift at a new job while still working at my old one, so with 80 hour weeks, sleep is super important but often has to occur during the daytime. Since you're not having issues falling asleep or tossing and turning, most of the typical suggestions don't really apply. I've been taking melatonin lately, which definitely seems to help me sleep soundly but doesn't make you groggy or anything. Melatonin is what's naturally produced in your body that regulates your sleep patterns, so dependency isn't an issue as much as it would be with traditional sleep aids. I'd try taking it either before bed or when you wake up to extend your sleep. It's pretty cheap and you can find it at any pharmacy, so it's worth the experiment I think.

  8. As I sit here with only a little over 6 hours of sleep last night and much less the night before, I'm contemplating how to get to bed before the children and not have them rebel at the change in our night time routine. I used to get 8 hours of sleep and it was lovely. LOVELY, I say! But with my new early a.m. boot camp, I'm losing the battle. I must figure this out!

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