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Have you started thinking about 2012 yet? I set goals every year and this is a little earlier than usual, but after deciding I wanted to run 12 in 2012 (a half marathon every month) I realized it would take some planning. Since I'm a mom, wife and work full-time and taking into consideration the travel, expense, time, etc. I need to have a plan. In addition to 12 in 2012, I also want to run the Dirt Days Trail Series again, 1 marathon and 1 ultra. And if I can, a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash type of run. Too much? Is it doable?

At this point the only definite goal is the 12 in 2012. The rest is what I'm considering as goals for next year. I'll decide for sure before January 1. In the meantime, this is how my 2012 race calendar looks as of right now.

2012 Race Calendar



March2012 Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 1

AprilGulf Coast Half Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 2

MayRite Aid Cleveland Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 3

June- Dirt Days Trail Series 4

July- Dirt Days Trail Series 5

AugustLittle Miami Half Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 6

SeptemberAir Force Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 7

OctoberCommunity Health Network Indianapolis Marathon; Dirt Days Trail Series 8

NovemberIndianapolis Monumental Marathon


As you can see I still have a little planning to do. 

"The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you." ~Unknown

Want to join me for 12 in 2012? Have you thought about what you would like to accomplish next year with health and fitness? Do you have a favorite half marathon? Or a half marathon that you want to run? 


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  1. Thank you Ashley. I like the idea of 12 races in 2012. One of the challenge of running twelve 1/2s in twenty twelve is that I also want to run Ragnar and a full. I think it's doable!
    Nice to meet you too!
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog: http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  2. fun challenge!!! i am planning to challenge myself to 12 half/full races for 2012 – either a half or full each month! nice to "meet" you! 🙂

  3. Awesome! I may even have a sponsor for a small group of us. So excited. I'll be posting my schedule this Friday for Fitness Friday!
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog: http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  4. Okay Jill, you have inspired me. I am not as brave as you, but I will commit to running 12 races in 2012. I will put my race schedule on my blog soon and link up to you for the idea. Thanks!

  5. I've got your March, August, and September races on my schedule, too! I've been a longtime reader but I don't think I've commented much. I'm Jene, in Cincinnati 🙂

  6. You are amazing woman! Great job and I love your dedication! Inspires me to start planning for 2012

  7. Hi and welcome Beth! The Napa/Sonoma race was on my list to run when I lived in Cali. Beautiful area to run in! The planning is turning out to be part of the fun.
    Thanks for joining Fitness Friday. Hope to see your link next week 🙂
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog: http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  8. Hi, I'm new! Great blog! Your goal rocks!!! You might think you have some planning left to do, but I think you're also way ahead of most other people's plans for races next year! The half I want to do the most is Napa to Sonoma (http://www.napa2sonoma.com/) – you run through vineyards and end up at a party at a winery!

  9. Thank you! I hope it all works out that I can actually do it. Running is the easy part of such a challenge. It's the logistics of working 12 races into day to day life that's tough. I would love to do a relay! So far I haven't been able to find enough people that are willing to commit.
    Jill Conyers
    My Blog: http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
    I believe no decision should be made while running up hill. ~Nike

  10. You are so ambitious! Awesome! Go, YOU!!!!! 12 in 2012… I can't conceive of that 😛 Right now I'm thinking a 10K in March, a relay in April, a marathon in May and then nothing until August (hopefully another relay!) and maybe a half or 10K in the Fall and a 5K in the fall or winter. So that would be 6 🙂
    I really look forward to following your journey 🙂

  11. Welcome to Fitness Friday! There are a lot of ways to stay fit. And what is pole fitness? Wonder if it's what I'm thinking? Off to check out our blog and find out 🙂

  12. Hi Claire. It's a lot but I think I can do it. Something may have to go before it's all decided.

  13. Hi Lisa. I'm trying to keep travel too far to a minimum due to time and money. I've thought about a virtual race. It's not out of the question. Thanks.

  14. Hi Tina. I was hoping you would do this 🙂
    I'll check dates and locations and see if this will work. Definitely interested in Jan and Feb. And I have Cleveland already on the list. Thanks!
    1 wee from today Jennifer and I are leaving for Chicago!

  15. Hi and welcome Christina. I love kickboxing. Now I'm curious to know more about Turbo Kick! I look forward reading your blog.

  16. Hi Suzanne. My family lives in Pensacola. Let me know if you decide to register. Maybe we could meet.

  17. Hi Amy. Would it be more doable if your goal was 12 5ks or 12 races in 2012? There are always 5ks! Join me with your version of 12 in 12!

  18. Cool! Love to have you join me. I'll need the company 🙂 Maybe a goal of 12 races in 2012. That would give you the flexibility to run whatever race is available as you travel. Just a thought.
    My idea is to run the 12 halfs, the dirt days series and 1 marathon and 1 ultra. Something may have to go but for now this is what is running through my mind (no pun intended LOL)

  19. How many races in 2011? Varying distances I assume. More than 12 is awesome!

  20. Hi Courtney. It's still early. Plenty of time to come up with a goal or 2 for next year 🙂

  21. Thanks Jennifer. The anticipation of your first half is so exciting. I mean it's always exciting to be waiting for an upcoming race but your first half is BIG! You never forget your first. Can't wait to hear more!

  22. Thank you Deb. Curious about your fitness challenge. There are so many fun ways to stay healthy and fit and running is only one of them 🙂 Off to check out your challenge.

  23. Hi Dina. I would love to run one of the Disney races! A tri would be awesome. A totally new challenge! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  24. I LOVED the Air Force Half Marathon! I want to run the full next. Maybe I will join you in 2012! You will have a blast!

  25. Thanks for the link up…although I only run when I am being chased by someone with an axe….I find many different ways to stay fit….and eat my chocolate cake too. I had just done a post about my pole fitness. It is an amazing workout and I love it!

  26. Great plans,wow that is a lot of half/full Marathons I think I need to start making plans 🙂

  27. yay its posted! Jan and Feb ARE HARD months to plan for unless you're willing to travel. If you can't find one, have you thought about grabbing a few friends and doing a virtual race with one another?

  28. Hey Jill, I love your list and wanted to add these and see if we can get all the months figured out!
    January 15, 2012 – Run for Regis/ Cuyahoga Valley National Park
    February 27, 2012 – Last chance for Boston – Dublin Ohio
    April 28, 2012 – Kentucky Derby half marathon
    May 20, 2012 – Rite Aid Cleveland half marathon

  29. I am new to this blog hop and I hope I am able to share my passion for fitness and Turbo Kick!

  30. What a great start to your 2012 race calendar!
    I just looked up the Gulf Coast Half Marathon. My sister lives really close to Pensacola in Navarre. I might have to sign up and run that one!

  31. You are so smart to plan ahead so much! I don't know that I could do 12 halfs in 12 months – I just don't think there are enough events near me to support such an endeavor… lots of 5Ks though! I am more motivated to think about 2012… it will be here before we know it!
    And, I didn't realize you worked full time. I'm even more impressed with everything you do now. I struggle to get it all in most days.

  32. I started late this year and will probably only do 5 races, but I would love to try to do the 12 in 2012 challenge. It looks like you are mixing it up with marathons and half marathons? So is it a half marathon every month PLUS the marathons? Also, that dirt day series sounds fun… I wish I lived nearby! Some friends of mine are doing the Tough Mudder in December in Florida. I would like to do it but just signed up for my first marathon on the same weekend, so maybe next year is a good year for that!
    I love races, but I move around for work a lot (and live out of a hotel a lot) and it is hard to plan sometimes, but I am down to try this challenge, somehow!

  33. I love your 12 in 2012 thing! I would love to do the 12 in 2012 but I think I would have to do 5K's or 10K's.

  34. I did 12 races this year….well actually 12+++ races! That is an awesome goal and I would say that you are well on your way planning wise! Such an inspiration!!! Thinking about 2012 lately….this gave me the kick to get serious!

  35. I have done a little bit of thinking but not too much, your 2012 is aspiring!

  36. Jill, you are really inspirational! I love your plan and am looking forward to reading about your training and races. It is really ambitious but I know you can do it.
    I have my first half at the end of November. After that, I think because I live within 20 minutes of Disney World, I am almost obligated to run at least one of those races. Plus they look really fun. I would also like to purchase a bike and attempt a Tri.
    In case we are still not working my post for Fitness Friday is below.

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