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Motivation. Workouts. Menu.

I have this overwhelming feeling of what I can only describe as well being and personal growth. With that comes a million thoughts and things I want to share. No, not just share, I want to shout it all from the rooftops.

When you feel amazing you want everyone to feel amazing!

I’m on a journey that was, at first, unplanned and has now become intentional. This journey has lead me to be open, vulnerable and authentic in ways unlike ever before. I am putting the pieces together to create the true whole me.

I’ve wondered if where I am now has to do with my age and I’ve decided the answer is no. I believe, deep down in places where I have feared to venture before, this journey has to do with being open to life, potential and discovering all that I can be.

Where to begin. My thoughts on fear or vulnerability? A freedom I find from simply creating a new recipe? Meditation? It’s all part of this journey.

For now I leave you with workouts, a menu and this…

Motivation. An ever evolving journey. jillconyers.com

I’m one week into a new training cycle and enjoying the motivation, confidence and energy that comes with new training and a new focus.

Workout recap for the week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: 2 mile warm up + Red Legs 10K (surprised myself with this one!)
Sunday: 4 miles recovery pace + yoga

On the menu this week:

Morning Tonic

Perfect Chickpea Salad
So excited about my latest kitchen creation, Roasted Sweet Potato Slaw (recipe coming soon!)
Chopped Power Bowl
Avocado Sweet Potato Greens (Healthy. Happy. Life.)
Grilled Vegetable Fajita Salad (Edible Perspective)
Black Bean Burrito Wrap

Healthy Bites (Cotter Crunch)
Vega Sport Recovery Bar (post-workout snack)
Another new recipe, Chocolate Protein Chia Pudding
Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and Veggies (Oh She Glows Cookbook)

Sunday Meal Prep

  • Make Healthy Bites
  • Make smoothie freezer packets
  • Chop veggies
  • Make black bean burgers

Do you ever have so much you want to share on your blog that you don’t know where to begin?


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MNB Challenge Week 2

Week in Review – Workouts

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I am participating in the Move Nourish Believe Challenge sponsored by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane.

Week of the Lorna Jane and Fit Approach Move Nourish Believe Challenge focused on a topic near and dear to my heart and one that fascinates me with every new thing I learn. In fact, learning what I have learned about nutrition is going to change my future. Dreaming big!

Now, onto the Week 2 recap beginning with workout week in review.


Monday: P90X3 Eccentric Upper, Run 6
Tuesday: P90X3 Triometrics
Wednesday: P90X3 Yoga, Run 6
Thursday: P90X3 Eccentric Lower
Friday: P90X3 Incinerator, P90X3 MMX
Saturday: Run 6
Sunday: REST


2/10 Go Meatless – Skip meat today! 
Dinner was a Veggie Stir Fry with a side of sweet potato.  Yum!

2/11 TYLTW! – Take Your Lunch to Work today!
I take my lunch to work every single day. Forgot to snap a pic this morning but this is what today’s packed lunch looked like. Big Green Full-O-Veggies Salad with grilled salmon and a Vega One Vanilla Chai Shake for an afternoon snack.

2/12 Write it down! – Journal your food today and share your WIAW!
My weekly menu is my daily food journal. If it’s not on the menu I’m most likely not going to eat it. #WIAW Breakfast – Vega One Very Berry Smoothie Supreme with a scrambled egg white Snack – Marys Gone Crackers with 1/4 avocado (best snack ever!) Lunch – Asian Broccoli Slaw with Black Beans and Baked Tofu Dinner  - Veggie Stir Fry with Quinoa

2/13 Smoothie Day! – Happy Thirsty Thursday! Make a healthy smoothie today!
Started the day with my Vega One Vanilla Very Berry Smoothie Supreme!

2/14 Go Raw Friday!
Big Bowl Salad with Homemade Dijon Vinaigrette and a Seed Medley

Nourish at Move Nourish Believe


Move Nourish Beleive Recipes and you can download the Move Over Sugar eBook.


Understanding Your Overeating Habits with Dr. Libby Weaver
The Ultimate Clean Eating Shopping List
Beauty Is An Inside Job by Dr. Libby Weaver

Coming Up Week 3


If you’re like me and meditation is something relatively new to you check out this short Lorna Jane Video, My Active Life with Lorna Jane – It Begins with Believe


How is MNB Challenge going for you? What was your favorite challenge of the week?

MNB Challenge Week 1

 Week In Review – Workouts

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I am participating in the Move Nourish Believe Challenge sponsored by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane. 

Move Nourish Believe. A philosophy to live by.

A week of my regular workouts with the added tasks of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge makes for a fun and accomplished week of fitness.


Monday: P90X3 Eccentric Upper
Tuesday: P90X3 Triometrics, Run 5
Wednesday: P90X3 Yoga
Thursday: P90X3 Eccentric Lower, Run 5
Friday: P90X3 Incinerator
Saturday: P90X3 MMX
Sunday: REST


Day 1: Favorite Way To Sweat
My favorite way to sweat, second only to running, is strength training.

Day 2: Change It Up
Sweat a new way! Select a workout from Move Nourish Believe.
I chose a 10 minute core workout.

Day 3: 5 Minute Plank
A run, P90X3 upper body workout, shower and ended the day with a 3 and 2 minute planks.

Day 4: Workout With A Friend
Nobody to workout with at 4:00 a.m. so I worked out twice. That counts right?

Day 5: Fave Friday
Fitness Favorites- 1. My husband 2. P90X3 3. Fueling with nutrient dense power bowls 4. Running 5. Trail Running

Coming up – Week 2

Looking for more motivation? Check out Motivation To Move

What have you done lately to sweat in a new way? What are your five fitness faves?


Workout Recap and Menu Planning

Week In Review: Fitness and Nutrition

P90X3 and running pretty much sums up my workouts since January 6. More treadmill running than I would like but, still, I couldn’t be happier or feel better!

MONDAY: P90X3 Isometrix (aka yoga on steroids!)
TUESDAY: P90X3 Dynamix, Run 5
WEDNESDAY: P90X3 Accelerator
THURSDAY: P90X3 Pilates, Run 4.25
SATURDAY: P90X3 Yoga, Run 6
SUNDAY: Rest Day

Living Life With Intention – Fitness Goals

Run This Year Total: 96.75 miles
14 in 2014 Total: a very sad 0 races (with double digit negative temps and ice along with my son and daughter’s competitive seasons 14 in 2014 is starting out slow) No worries. IT WILL HAPPEN!
90-Day P90X3 Challenge: 28/28 workouts BOOM!

Nutrient dense power bowls have been my go to meal of choice lately. Even if a recipe isn’t a “bowl” I’ve been tweaking it to make it one. Easy, convenient and a great way to clean out the produce drawer. I’m happy with my decision to add fish to my menu a few nights a week! And for the record, I have perfected baked salmon with a variety of different no-salt seasoning blends. My growing confidence in the kitchen!

I also entered my first foodie contest, Simple and Delicious Skinny Nut Snack. Honestly, winning, while it would be nice, it wasn’t my goal. My goal was to enter. To step outside of my safe and secure comfort zone. I plan to spend a lot more time in the kitchen!

Living Life With Intention – Health/Nutrition Goals

Create 14 recipes in 2014: 1 recipe (Lightened Up Gluten Free Southwest Pizza)
#MakeAChange 21-Days Gluten Free: Success (update this week)

Protein Smoothie
Overnight Nut Butter Oats

Baked Sweet Potato with Kale Slaw
Arugula and Poached Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato
Mexican Chopped Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing
Gluten Free Veggie Pizza
Grilled Salmon Power Bowl
Tequila Lime Fish Tacos

Fruit Medley


P90X3 Fit Test

The “M” In S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Finally, today is the day! Day 1 of 90-days of P90X3!

When I originally started thinking about this post my plan was to talk about the “M” in S.M.A.R.T. goals and using a baseline to measure progress. I’m still going to talk about that but, as Day 1 got closer and I started planning my meals, taking measurements and doing the fit test I realize there was more going on than pounds, inches, and reps. As I’ve mentioned before there were a few rough months in 2013 with an extraordinary amount of stress that I didn’t handle very well, forced limitations by being injured, unable to run and just an overall feeling of unhappiness. It all caught up with me in how I looked and more importantly how I felt.

In all of that I somehow lost sight of what makes me happy. Chad has said, more times than I can count,

“you’re happiest when you’re doing P90X.”

Whether it’s the original P90X or X2 he’s right and the timing of the release of P90X3 could not have been more perfect. With the exception of when I am with my family, I can’t remember the last time I smiled and laughed as much as I did yesterday when I was doing the X3 fit test. A feeling I can’t really explain. It just felt right.

So, enough talking about feelings. I’m a data and research person and using numbers to measure progress is part of the fun for me. It’s concrete. You either improve or you don’t. Nothing ambiguous about it.

This is where I’m starting:


Pull Ups – 1/4 in
Vertical Leap – 5.2 ins
Push Ups – 23
Toe Touch (flexibility) – +6 ins
Wall Squat – 2:30
Bicep Curls – 12# 22 reps
Crunchy Frog – 35 (I realized last night right before I went to sleep I was supposed to do In and Outs. Not Crunchy Frog. Crunchy Frog will have to do.)


Weight: 110 lbs
Chest: 34 ins
Waist: 25 ins
Hips: 35.5 ins
Right Thigh: 22 ins
Left Thigh: 22 ins
Right Bicep: 11.25 ins
Left Bicep: 11 ins

I don’t know where the numbers will end. I DO know that I will give this 100%. I DO know I will do more of what makes me happy. I DO know I will smile and laugh more often!

What makes you smile and laugh the most? Have you ever felt like you’ve lost sight of what makes you happy? How do you measure progress?