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Thoughts During A Half Marathon

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[Optional] Topic for this week: Does your mind wander? What do you think about when you run or workout?

It all depends on when, where and why I’m running.

There are times when my mind problem solves. There are times when there are literally blank. There are times when I take in the beauty of running outside (those thoughts happen most often with trail running) or I write an entire blog post and just hope that I can remember at least half of it when I sit down at the computer.

Thoughts During A Half Marathon jillconyers.com #racerecap #halfmarathon #believe #PensacolaMarathon

No doubts. Running. Determination. Never giving up. Courage.With a whole lot of smiles.

6:30 start time is awesome. Seeing the sunrise over the water is breathtaking.

Total focus on the here and now. No goals. No time. Wait! I can’t focus.

[Unexpected last minute trip to the port-a-potty and] no time to find my dad before the start. There he is. [insert smile] Quick hug and a kiss. That’s better.

Now I can focus. Finish strong and enjoy the run. [Insert Smile]

Thoughts During A Half Marathon jillconyers.com #racerecap #halfmarathon #believe #PensacolaMarathon

Visualize it. See the finish.

[On a scenic highway coast] the sunrise is beautiful.

I’m feeling stronger than ever.

Get in the zone. Total focus.

Thoughts During A Half Marathon jillconyers.com #racerecap #halfmarathon #believe #PensacolaMarathon

Uh oh. No good can ever come after that (photo taken later in the day after the race).

You’ve got this. Just get to the top.

You’re handing out cups of beer? The thought of drinking a beer right now is nauseating!

Man that was hard! I hope there isn’t another freakin’ hill.

[Half and full split] If given the choice would I want to turn right? LOL I’m glad I’m not turning right.

Thank you spectator but you’re saying “almost there” way too early!

[Seeing a t-shirt with before and after photos and NEVER AGAIN printed under it] I should tell him how cool his shirt is (later in the race I did).

There are a lot of people wearing Newtons. I didn’t like the lugs on the bottom.

[Mile 11] My legs are done. What happened? 2 hills that’s what happened. I pushed it on the 2 hills and that decision has caught up with me. You need to train more on hills. You don’t like them but you have to run them. 

I’m ok with this. Just run. [insert smile]

Thoughts During A Half Marathon jillconyers.com #racerecap #halfmarathon #believe #PensacolaMarathon

Visualize it. You worked all year for this. [insert smile]

Remember, finish strong and enjoy the run. [yes, insert another smile]

[Crossing the finish line with fists in the air, tears in my eyes] thank you body for not giving up on me mentally or physically.

[Final thought] BRING ON 2015!

This whole year has culminated in this race. After an injury in August of 2013 there was recovery. Re-injury that nobody could explain. Recovery. In February I was cleared to run without restrictions, but I didn’t totally return to running. I chose to run less and focus on imbalances and getting stronger. It was the right thing to do.

I trained smart. I ran less to run better.

Courage jillconyers.com #quote #motivation #nevergiveup #maryanneradmacher

I think this quote sums up running in 2014 nicely.

As hard as this year has been. I never gave up! I didn’t quit.

Thoughts During A Half Marathon jillconyers.com #racerecap #halfmarathon #believe #PensacolaMarathon

Do you notice other runner’s shoes during a race? Do you chat with the other runners?

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The Elusive Running Goal

Failure’s Not An Option. It’s A Step.

This morning I went for a 6-mile run. It was a beautiful morning with perfect temps. My legs were tired and muscles were sore, I’m assuming, from starting a new phase of Body Revolution. My expectation was 6 miles at an easy pace. Done.

While I was running I started thinking about pace and my continues-to-be-elusive goal of a sub-2:00 half. Actually, my first thought was does training for an ultra slow your overall pace but that’s a whole other conversation. Back to my point. A sub-2:00 half was a goal last year, and maybe even the year before, to no avail. No matter what I accomplish this year my thoughts about running often come back to this goal. I decided this year to focus on distance. I seriously considered that maybe I wasn’t meant to run faster. At the time, I didn’t see this as giving up. More like putting sub-2:00 on hold.

Maybe I was giving up?

I was frustrated and more importantly I didn’t know what to do different.

On a related side note. I miss speedwork. With focus being on distance, speedwork has not been on my training plan. Intervals at the high school track is my all time favorite type of run. It’s energzing. It’s immediate satisfaction. It’s fun to push that limit.

As usual thoughts return to my current goal but not without asking myself the same question time and time again. After my 50 mile race in the fall I know I’m going to return to the track and a sub-2:00 goal so…

…what am I going to do different?

I would love to know. What would you do? Keep trying at the risk of failing [again]? Not try with the thought that just maybe it wasn’t meant to be?

2013 Flying Pig Half Marathon – Race Recap With A Twist

Running is about more than just running.

Fitness Friday #95!

Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate your passion.

Sunday, May 5, 2013
2013 Cincinnati Flying Pig
Cincinnati, OH
Weather – Perfect 60 degree temps and the rain held off until after I crossed the finish line!
Distance: Half Marathon [a 2013 Goal Race!]

For a race recap I would typically describe the race day with details about before the race, the race and post- race. While all that is great, this year the Flying Pig taught me that sometimes running is about more than just running.

My thoughts of the friendships that form from a common bond. A love of running!

I have had so many wonderful opportunities to meet and run with some amazing people. People that without running I probably would have never met. Meeting runners in person for the first time often feels like you’ve known them forever.

This year, at the Flying Pig, I met Christine who has been my online running coach for about a year. Sidenote: She has an uncanny knack for knowing just what to say and when you need to hear it. We met at the Expo first then a enjoyed a great lunch. Getting to know each other felt more like friends catching up. I was hesitant when she said she wanted to run the race together. Less than a week ago I ran my longest distance ever and I knew I could finish today’s race but it definitely wasn’t going to be a PR. It was quite possible that this would be my slowest half ever. I didn’t want to hold Christine back with a slow pace.  Her reply? “It will give us a chance to talk.” It’s true…

Sometimes running isn’t about the pace, distance, winning or medals. It’s about the joy of running friends. It’s about enjoying the experience of running.

During the entire race I never once felt like I was holding Christine back. We found a comfortable pace and talked for 13+ miles. By mile 2 we had an ultra relay team put together for a future race. Sometime before the half way point we planned 3 possible races in VA to meet again.

Running Friends

My thoughts of running friends started when Christine asked, What is your race goal? My thoughts quickly went to things like your weekly mileage is higher than ever, you just ran a 32 mile trail race the weekend before, The Pig is hilly and the course is tough. My answer? To enjoy the opportunity to  run with a friend and simply to enjoy the experience of the event. I didn’t worry about time or pace. I listened to my body and let it tell me what I needed to do. It was without a doubt an amazing day!Don’t get me wrong. I will continue to have race goals. I will continue to push my limits. And I will continue to strive for a faster pace and longer distances. But, what I will no longer do is discount the satisfaction of running a race just for the sake of being with friends and enjoying the run.

[Christine, Me, Renee, Lacey and Kim]

I also got to meet Christine’s running group and her fiancé, Mike (the man behind the camera). More great people that I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet.

Who else have I had the wonderful opportunity to meet?

Kim from (Just) Trying for Little Girls, Jess from Run with Jess  and Lisa from Because I Can at the Air Force Marathon last year.

The mecca of running friends, The Runner’s World Half and Festival.

Katie from Katie Runs This.

The amazing group of Fitfluential Ambassadors.

Roommates for the weekend, Tina of Best Body Fitness, Lindsey of Itz Linz, and Larisa of Zero to Twenty Six Point Two

The amazing Amanda, a.k.a. Miss Zippy.

Jenelle, the voice behind Mile Twenty Eight.

Harold of A Veteran Runnah.

Chelsea, Tina and Jennifer at the 2011 Air Force Marathon.

I met Courtney from Third Times A Charm  at the 2012 Flying Pig.

Have you ever run a race or a training run that turned out to be about more than just running? Do you plan meet-ups at races?

There’s still time to enter the Sambazon (juice and smoothies) and Viewsport Athletic Apparel giveaways!

Lessons Learned from Ultramarathon Training

Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon and Half Marathon Recap


Welcome to Fitness Friday # 90

Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate your passion.

Last weekend I ran the Ohio River Road Runners Club Half Marathon. This was going to be a half for the sake of training and I had a plan.


Recently I realized that I naively thought ultrarunning was like any other running just more of it. I could not have been more wrong.

Slowly but surely I’m learning.

I started the race telling myself repeatedly “think like an ultrarunner” and find a pace that feels like you can run all day consistently. I reminded myself that this was #2 of b2b runs and the first run was 10 miles the day before. Lastly, I was going to run the half and turn around and add 7 miles for a 20 mile training run. I experienced successes with this training run as well as a few hard lessons.

Ohio River Road Runners Club Half Marathon


  • I ran the entire half at a consistent 10:40-10:50 goal pace.
  • I used the water stops.
  • Increasing my pace and a PR did not consume my thoughts.
  • I felt like I could run all day.
  • I’m beginning to think more in terms of distance and time on my feet.
  • After a weekend of running my longest b2b distances so far, 30 miles, I felt like I could do anything!

Lessons Learned

  • I referred to aspects of this race as mistakes. My coach, Christine, called them growing as a runner and finding out what my body can do. Lesson Learned: I HAVE to be more positive.
  • I let too much time pass after finishing the half and before I turned around to add on the 7 miles. By the time I crossed the finish line, timing chip cut off, water and a bite to eat and the bathroom my legs felt like lead and running was the last thing they wanted to do. Lesson Learned: Spend minimal time at the aid stations during ultra races. How much time to spend at the aid stations wasn’t something I hadn’t even thought of before now. I need to know how long is too long.
  • I could have run the half at a faster pace and stayed consistent. Lesson Learned: Stop underestimating myself.
  • The last 7 miles I hesitantly included walking. From every book I’ve read and every podcast I’ve listened to incorporating a run-walk rhythm is a necessity. Lesson Learned: I need to become more comfortable with walking during a race.

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Twelve In Twenty-Twelve || Mason Half Marathon


Twelve In Twenty-Twelve #12
Sunday, November 12
Mason, OH
Weather – 48 and sunny

I started with a goal of a PR that changed to prevent an asthma attack and finish. I felt great, the weather was perfect, I got to wear my new Running Skirts skirt and Chad was running with me! What else could I ask for ? I was rested and felt strong. I couldn’t remember ever starting a race with as much confidence as I felt.

Miles 1- 5: I started with the pace I needed to run a negative split and PR. I remember thinking the PR is mine!
Mile 6: I noticed my breathing was shallow and labored.
Mile 7: I knew at this point that if I didn’t slow down an asthma attack was imminent.
Miles 8-9: I ran with disappointment for about a mile and a half and then I literally smiled. I was running my 12th half marathon this year! That is more half marathons than I’ve run total in all the years I’ve been running. I couldn’t allow myself to lose sight of that accomplishment.
Mile 10-13: I kept my breathing easy and just ran. Crossed the finish line!

Chad PRd again by about 3 minutes! I’m so proud of him. All of our run dates this year have paid off!

My running obsession passion is rubbing off on Chad. We both wore Swiftwick socks. He is now a believer in compression and performance. Somewhere close to the turnaround we met up running in opposite directions. He was doing well and feeling great. He yelled, “It’s the socks!” I don’t know if it was the socks that made the difference in his pace but I do know that my legs never felt fatigued during the entire race.

He has also started using one of my iFitness belts. First he borrowed it to run a 50 miler and then a 100K. It has still yet to be returned from being “borrowed”.

Since the race I have found out that the shallow and labored breathing wasn’t because my asthma was getting worse. The inhaler itself wasn’t working properly so I wasn’t getting the full dose as prescribed. What a relief!

What next? For the remainder of the year I’m continuing Best Body Bootcamp, running a few 5Ks and joining the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge at Run to the Finish. By the way, there’s still time to sign up!Go to HBBC 2012 to register. Click Fitness, Health and Happiness in the Referred By drop down menu and receive a discount on your registration.

I’m also starting to transition to a natural form running shoe. HELLO BETTER! Super excited about this! More on that soon. And of course, making plans for 2013. With as much as my 12 in 2012 goal became Chad’s goal, he should be very afraid of some of the ideas I have for 2013 :)