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I Could Never Do That

I’m so excited to introduce the awesomeness that is Allie from Vita – Train for Life. I love her no nonsense just do it approach to running and life. She’s the definition of NO EXCUSES!

Start Running? Run a Marathon? I Could Never Do That jillconyers.com #running #motivation #goals

As a fitness instructor, personal trainer and friend, I could never do that is a phrase I hear all too often.  Start running? Nope. Sign up for a race? OMG never. Run a marathon? Have you lost your mind? The problem is that no one seems to actually stop and think about what they’re saying, before they spit these words out and, of course, this can carry over into your life aspirations – not just running and racing goals.

Since 2015 is almost here, I thought I would use the pedestal Jill has so graciously given me on her space today to talk about overcoming self-doubt, and setting and attaining any goal you damn well please.

Here’s how:

1. You Have to WANT to Do It.
This seems like a no-brainer but, I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me “oh I could never run a marathon” and when I respond with “well, do you want to?” they have to think about it. This is step one people. No one (I know) wakes up and runs a marathon. It’s a very deliberate, painstaking journey that is achieved over time (sometimes years!) and by choosing a training plan that is perfectly tailored for you.

If you decide, after careful consideration, that you really want to do something, nothing can stop you.

2. Don’t Be Scared
Almost anything new you’re trying to do or achieve is scary. If you’re dreaming big (the way you should be) it will scare the hell out of you. Ride that adrenaline! Use it as your fuel. What’s the alternative?

3. Think Like an Alcoholic
Not drink, think! I used to say this to my clients all.the.time. Think like a recovering alcoholic and take it one day at a time. It’s the very best mindset to be in. You need to have a very short-term memory. If you have a ‘bad’ day or skip a workout or something essential to your goal, pick it up again the next day. I would go so far as to say ‘live in the moment’ but let’s not get crazy.

4. Don’t Care Too Much
I know this sounds like a contradiction to the previous three points, but hear me out. It’s great to have very defined, attainable goals as long as they don’t take over your life. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and stop at nothing to achieve a dream, so try not to alienate everyone and everything else in the process. Kids still need to eat and sleep is also required.

5. Set Three Goals
This is your safety net. Life is messy and shit happens. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t achieve your loftiest goal. I use this as a rule for myself when I’m racing and it works out very well.

  • Goal number one should always be what you think the bare minimum achievement is. In a race it may be to finish. That, in and of itself, is a great goal which some may never attain.
  • Goal two should be somewhat of a reach but attainable within your training structure. I usually set goal two in the event that the weather doesn’t cooperate or I have a nagging injury that may flare-up.
  • Goal three is the ultimate, reach for the stars, I am an unstoppable force, goal of such status you will smile in your sleep if you reach it.

Ever since I was a four year-old fledgling gymnast, my father has told me “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Dream it, believe it and just freakin’ do it!

Start Running? Run a Marathon? I Could Never Do That jillconyers.com #running #motivation #goalsAllie is a sweat addict and gets her fix through running for Team Oiselle, cycling and chasing after her five year-old twin boys.  On any given day you can find her racing, freelance writing, reading, dreaming about yoga and coming to terms with being a stay-at-home mom.  Allie’s blog VITA – Train for Life is all about hard work and motivation with a healthy kick of snark and hilarity.  Allie currently teaches fitness classes near her home in the Northeast where she and her husband like to live it up big!

You can find Allie on TwitterFacebookPinterestInstagram and Google Plus

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Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays

Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana #workouts #holidays

Disclaimer: I received free product to review through a Fit Approach campaign with prAnaI received no other compensation. As always all opinions are my own.

I didn’t take long before I realized my regular routine for working out was not going to work during the holiday season. I had to find a way to fit in fitness even on the days the are holiday-busy.

Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana #workouts #holidays

First, I’m a morning person and I can’t think of a better way to start the day than a workout. But, for now, mornings aren’t working during the week.

Fitting It In #1: Afternoon workouts.

Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana #workouts #holidays

Second, I’m a 60-90 minute workout person. But, for now, I don’t always have an hour + to workout.

Fitting It In #2: I’m trying something new and making it work. I’ve started doing circuits and HIIT workouts. I love the high energy and short duration when I only have 30-40 minutes to workout. I’ve been learning about creating total body workout routines with a combination of cardio and strength targeting big muscle groups. I typically do workout DVDs for cross training and strength training so this has been a great way to mix things up.

The “newness” is keeping me motivated to fit it fitness!

It’s been fun creating the workouts. I’m making sure to target weaknesses (do more of what I don’t do well) and of course including my favorite, push-ups and skaters.

Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana #workouts #holidays

As a Sweat Pink ambassador I received the Sapphire Legging and the Tatiana Half Zip Shirt from prAna. New workout clothes are the best kind of new!

Fitting In Fitness During the Holidays jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana #workouts #holidays

It’s awesome when the clothes you love are made by a company that goes the extra mile and combines business with a focus on environmental impact.


GOAL: Mitigate the impact on the environment in all aspects of the supply chain.


  1. Decrease our use of conventional cotton and rayon.
  2. Increase bluesign® certified product.
  3. Invest in the growth of Fair Trade certified products.

You can get more information about bluesign® here →Make it good. Make it right.

And I have information on Fair Trade here → What is Fair Trade?

Great gift ideas for holiday shopping!

PRAna Winter Catalog jillconyers.com @fitapproach @prana

Check out prAna’s winter catalog and take advantage of a 15% discount off your entire purchase. Simply enter the code pspf14jc at check out.

Is your regular routine working? Are you making any changes to your regular routine to fit in fitness during the holidays?

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Recovery With a Detox Bath

Relax and Recover With a Detox Bath jillconyers.com #natural #detoxbathThis information is based on researching for information and personal experience.

In January last year I was planning my goal of running a 50 miler and part of planning was thinking about recovery options and since then I’ve been using Epsom Salt baths after long runs.

Whether it’s a few drops on my pillow, added to a hot bath or hot tea, I’ve been a long time user of lavender aromatherapy for relaxation and stress relief.

So, why not combine the 2 for a soothing hot bath? I thought I was brilliant with this idea until I realized it’s a common combination and I’m catching on late in the game.

Better late than never, right?

Why epsom salt? Absorption of magnesium through the skin can reduce inflammation, help relieve tight muscles and eliminate toxins which helps to ease muscle pain.

Why lavender? I’ve been using lavender for so long I’m not even sure where I got the information about the benefits. Lavender comes to mind for it’s soothing properties to relax, destress and sleep better.

The How-To:

2 cups epsom salt
10 drops lavender oil

  1. Add epsom salt and lavender oil to a standard size bathtub with comfortably hot running water.
  2. Swirl the water to help dissolve the salts and to combine the salt with the oil.
  3. Immerse yourself in the water and soak for about 20 minutes.
  4. Calgon take me away.

Did you already know about using epsom salt and lavender for a detox bath? Do you use aromatherapy?

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5 Tips for Post Race Blues

5 Tips for Post Race Blues jillconyers.com #running #postmarathonblues #postraceblues

The months and miles with a plan and then suddenly…no plan.

It’s mid November and that usually means my last “big” race is done and I’m kind of in limbo. That’s how I feel when I’m not training for a specific fitness goal.

Sound familiar? There’s a name for it, Post Race Blues. It really is a thing. It’s happened before and I expect it to happen again. For the most part time is the best antidote and knowing that this feeling will pass.

Time along with a few tips that have helped me and the post race blues will pass as quickly as it came:

5 Tips for Post Race Blues

  1. Maintain your fitness level. Give yourself time to fully recover and then come up with a plan to stay active. Don’t use the post race blues as an excuse to slack off.
  2. Think about the when, where and what of your next goal(s).
  3. Just run. Enjoy the freedom of just running when, where and how far you want. Leave the Garmin at home {gasp}!
  4. Appreciate the down time. Training takes time. Now you can appreciate and enjoy parts of life that you might have neglected when you were training.
  5. Try something new. In my awesome tips for how NOT to taper I mentioned trying something new like boxing or crossfit. Now’s the time. Try something new without concern for how it will affect your training.

Do you get post race blues? What are your best tips if and when you do?

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7 Ideas To Get Moving During the Workday

Welcome to Fitness Friday!

As you read this I’m either on a plane or in Florida for a racecation and to visit family.

Let me introduce you to my friend, Jen, the voice behind Burpees For Breakfast. Jen was kind enough to help me out with a guest post for the week I’m traveling and for what turned out to be an unusually busy week at work. Thank you Jen!


Jen is a healthy living blogger at Burpees for Breakfast where she shares about two of her biggest passions, fitness and food. During normal business hours, she works as a Project Manager at a Web Development Company. In the wee hours of the morning and after work, this NASM Certified Personal Trainer and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, she inspires others to make fitness fun through personal training, Bootcamp classes and creative workouts that can be found on her blog. The journey to heal her gut not only sparked an interest in clean eating, but forced her to start creating her own allergy friendly recipes, free of gluten and dairy.

Jen loves all breakfast foods, especially pancakes. And her favorite exercise is in fact, a burpee.


When I read the email from Jill a while ago, asking me to do a guest post for her, a GIGANTIC smile covered my face. And I instantly said ‘Yes.’ I racked my brain trying to think of what to share and a few weeks ago it hit me.

I am sure that like me, a majority of you lovely readers, have a desk job. That means sitting down for 7-8hrs a day. That’s a long time. As a fitness professional and someone that generally likes to be active, I’ve had to figure out a few tricks to keep my body moving throughout the day.

Luckily, my job is incredibly flexible, to where I am able to work from home a couple days a week if need be. While I love that option, I usually head into the office. We recently moved to a co-working space for entrepreneurs and small business, which is filled with lots of workspace options.

Now, like others, I have read my fair share of articles with suggestions on how to incorporate movement into a workday, with ideas ranging from stretches at the desk to turning meetings into walking meetings.

While there are some great suggestions, I’ve come up with my own list of creative ways to get moving during the work day.

7 Ways To Get Moving During the Workday jillconyers.com burpeesforbreakfast.com #move #fitness

1. Water Breaks: Look at any article with ideas on how to move more at work and each one will tell you – Take a walk break. I agree. But sometimes it’s tough to get outside and with the cold weather approaching, this girl will not be setting foot outside to get in a ‘walk break.’ Ain’t got no time for cold weather. So, a walk break turns into a water break.

I bring my 32-oz Nalgene to work every day and drink it through a few times. Plus, I drink at least a few cups of tea a day. Just between beverages (and sometimes snack) breaks, I get in some extra steps. But, after a tip from my co-worker, I don’t fill up the Nalgene the way, which means getting up to fill it more frequently, resulting in even more steps!

2. Bathroom mini circuit: Call me crazy, but usually, before I leave the restroom, I perform a mini circuit. It gets my heart rate up and my body moving, especially after a long meeting. My favorite exercises are squats, jumping jacks, butt kicks and elevated push-ups on the sink. Usually 10 reps of each.

3. Sit on a stability ball: With a variety of workspace options, there are a few stability balls floating around the building. The stability ball is a great alternative to a regular chair. Yes, you are still sitting, BUT you are engaging those core muscles and focusing on your posture. More muscles are firing and working when you sit on a ball, as opposed to a chair. I like to move in circles, side to side and even hop a little.

4. Plank:30: A few weeks ago at work, we had Plank:30 in the afternoon. A few different people wanted to see how long they could hold plank – and to see if they could plank longer than me (I won at just over 3 minutes and beat the boys!). Whether you can hold plank for :30 seconds or 3 minutes, find an area out of the way in your office, and plank it up. Invite co-workers to join it and start your own Plank:30! Make sure to check out some of my favorite plank variations too.

5a. Stand: More often than not, I can be found at the standing desk area. What I like so much about the standing while working is that I can sneak in extra movement. Little leg lifts here, a few sets of calf raises there, a little shoulder stretchy stretch. Standing also helps me work on my posture. Every time I notice my shoulders are rolled forward or my back is arching and things start becoming all about the bass, I make sure to engage my muscles and realign.

5b. or Walk (on the TrekDesk): We are fortunate enough to have not one, but two tredmill desks at the office. I usually try to get in at least 3,000-4,000 steps (around 35-40 minutes) each day, but can usually mange 5,000-6,000. I’ve even made it to 10,000 a few times! Just on the desk. If you have access to one, my recommendation is to start slow and then work your way up. I can walk consistently at 2.5-2.7mph, faster if I am jamming to some good tunes or hyper focused on a project. I love working and walking at the same time. #multitasking

6. Kettlebell Break: I read an article a few weeks ago, where the author said that he did kettlebell practice during this breaks at work. He’d close the office door and do a cleans, snatches, or work on his swing. Idea stolen. When I work from home, I sneak in some swings and work on my clean and press. I’m planning on bringing the bell to the office and doing a little farmer’s carry and suitcase deadlift.

7. Set a timer or alarm. And don’t hit snooze: Sometimes, I get too wrapped up in work…or too lazy to get up a move around. This is where setting a timer on my phone or a calendar event on my computer comes in handy. It’s really easy to just hit that snooze button or ignore the alert, but more often than not, I am glad I got up and moved. One of my new favorite apps is called HotSeat. I can schedule movement breaks throughout my day or sync it with my calendar to go off at random times. Two minutes of movement every hour sure adds up!

So tell us, how do you sneak in movement during your work day?

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