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Fitness Friday || Turkey Day 10K Recap

Thursday, November 22
Mason, OH
Weather – 34 and sunny
Goal: Just run.

Packet pick was small race uneventful and included the almost always too big tech tee. I decided my goal for this race was nothing more than just run. I was oddly relaxed and looking forward to running with Chad on a beautiful day.

The starting line was a combination of 1500-2000 kids, strollers, runners, and walkers all excited and bouncing around to stay warm in the brisk 34 degrees. There was a lot of chatting about running for pie, mashed potatoes and stuffing which made me laugh.

The race started and so did my goal of just running on a beautiful day. This week I started the form drills and short runs in the Newton Gravity for transitioning to natural running and my calves were tight and extremely sore. I was a little worried at first but after a mile or so no problem. I glanced at my Garmin only occasionally. I was still oddly relaxed. I felt good. My breathing was even. I briefly dreaded mile 5. That seems to be about the time when I find out if my inhaler didn’t work. Mile 5.1 I was fine. 5.2 still fine. 5.5 I knew the inhaler worked!

Long story short…an unexpected 10K PR! This may be my last race of 2012 and I’d say it’s a PERFECT way to end the year.  I can’t think of anything that would have made this a better race.

Now, I’m off to get dressed for the annual Conyers’ Mother-Daughter Black Friday.

Wait, 2 things before you go.

As I may have mentioned a time or 2, I accomplished my 2012 goal of Twelve In Twenty-Twelve this month. It was one of the most challenging and most amazing goals from the beginning. So, what’s next? I’ve teamed up with Jen at Marathon Mom to bring you Thirteen in 2013. As you plan your goals for 2013 think about, “what do I want to do 13 times next year.” Details coming soon!

Now the link up…

Twelve In Twenty-Twelve || Mason Half Marathon


Twelve In Twenty-Twelve #12
Sunday, November 12
Mason, OH
Weather – 48 and sunny

I started with a goal of a PR that changed to prevent an asthma attack and finish. I felt great, the weather was perfect, I got to wear my new Running Skirts skirt and Chad was running with me! What else could I ask for ? I was rested and felt strong. I couldn’t remember ever starting a race with as much confidence as I felt.

Miles 1- 5: I started with the pace I needed to run a negative split and PR. I remember thinking the PR is mine!
Mile 6: I noticed my breathing was shallow and labored.
Mile 7: I knew at this point that if I didn’t slow down an asthma attack was imminent.
Miles 8-9: I ran with disappointment for about a mile and a half and then I literally smiled. I was running my 12th half marathon this year! That is more half marathons than I’ve run total in all the years I’ve been running. I couldn’t allow myself to lose sight of that accomplishment.
Mile 10-13: I kept my breathing easy and just ran. Crossed the finish line!

Chad PRd again by about 3 minutes! I’m so proud of him. All of our run dates this year have paid off!

My running obsession passion is rubbing off on Chad. We both wore Swiftwick socks. He is now a believer in compression and performance. Somewhere close to the turnaround we met up running in opposite directions. He was doing well and feeling great. He yelled, “It’s the socks!” I don’t know if it was the socks that made the difference in his pace but I do know that my legs never felt fatigued during the entire race.

He has also started using one of my iFitness belts. First he borrowed it to run a 50 miler and then a 100K. It has still yet to be returned from being “borrowed”.

Since the race I have found out that the shallow and labored breathing wasn’t because my asthma was getting worse. The inhaler itself wasn’t working properly so I wasn’t getting the full dose as prescribed. What a relief!

What next? For the remainder of the year I’m continuing Best Body Bootcamp, running a few 5Ks and joining the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge at Run to the Finish. By the way, there’s still time to sign up!Go to HBBC 2012 to register. Click Fitness, Health and Happiness in the Referred By drop down menu and receive a discount on your registration.

I’m also starting to transition to a natural form running shoe. HELLO BETTER! Super excited about this! More on that soon. And of course, making plans for 2013. With as much as my 12 in 2012 goal became Chad’s goal, he should be very afraid of some of the ideas I have for 2013 :)


Fitness Friday || Halloween Half Recap


Saturday, October 27, 2012
Dayton, OH
Twelve In Twenty-Twelve #11

The shortest recap ever because my computer seems to have a mind of its own this morning. Ugh!

Thoughts on the race:

  • I went into the race tired. My only expectation was to finish.
  • Less than 1 mile into the race and my breathing was off. The thought of running 13 miles worried about an asthma attack was reason enough to stop my Garmin and go back to the car to get my inhaler.
  • I will forever remember this race as the race that forced me to listen to my body and rest. One of the best running decisions I’ve ever made.
  • It was cold.

  • My favorite part of running Twelve In Twenty Twelve has been the number of races Chad and I have run together. He is an ultra trail runner at heart and in his support and encouragement for me he has run almost all of the half marathons with me.

  • The pre-race shot.
  • At some point this winter I have to wear something other than my Oakley pants and Free Motion jacket.

  • My fascination with photographing every bib.

  • I love my Swiftwick socks but this was actually me playing around because I was bored during the car ride to Dayton.

  • Miles 9-11 were rolling hills that almost made me decide to walk to the finish line and oddly enough I was ok with that. To this day I’m not sure why I didn’t.
  • I’m not sure if the obvious happiness here is because I was shocked by my time or because it was over :)

 How is your week going? Any races coming up?


Fitness Friday || One Weekend. 3 Races. Half Marathon #10.






Twelve In Twenty-Twelve #10
Sunday, October 21
Bethlehem, PA
Weather – Perfect

A whirlwind of a weekend immersed in a running culture! It’s tough to decide what I was most excited about. Was it…

Running half marathon #10 of my Twelve In Twenty Twelve goal? Or…

Running a Hat Trick? A 5k and 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Or was it…

Checking off a bucket list item. Cool! Or maybe it was…

Meeting the Fitfluential Ambassadors?

I would have to say there is absolutely no way to pick one favorite part of this weekend. It was a runner’s dream vacation!

Thoughts on the races:

  • One of the last things my husband said to me before I left was, “Remember. You’re going to be out of your comfort zone with meals, rest, and race routine.” I remembered and handled it better than expected. See. I CAN be flexible!
  • Bethlehem, PA is a beautiful location for a race. The fall colors and the character of the steel stacks made for a great running course.
  • The hills were tough. I am convinced Runner’s World created race courses that included every hill in Bethlehem!
  • I ran each race with a different goal each time. 2 of the 3 goals reached!
  • I was exhausted going into the 10k and half. There was always something to do and nothing I wanted to miss. I didn’t feel as rested as I would typically be for a half. I figured I could rest when I got home.
  • Against conventional running wisdom I took a chance on new running gear and I’m so glad I did. Oakely running apparel. To be honest I didn’t even know they had women’s running clothes. The pants fit perfectly and were incredibly comfortable! And the half zip pullover will be worn often. I wore Sweaty Bands all weekend and guess what. They don’t slip! And last but not least I wore Swift Wick socks and they have become my sock of choice. Just enough compression to make them so comfortable. Kind of like having the benefits of wearing socks without feeling like you’re wearing socks. And last but definitely not least, Free Motion Fitness Apparel. I wore a Free Motion top for every race. Again with the comfort while running!Everything about this line of running apparel makes me want to wear nothing else. Can you tell comfort while running is a big deal to me? On a side note: That’s Larisa of Zero to Twenty Six Point Two below. If you ever get a chance to meet her do it! Larisa is one of those people that you meet for the first time and it feels like you’ve known each other forever.




  • Seeing friends and chatting with strangers along the way of each race was amazing!
  • For the first time ever I gave myself permission to stop during a race to take pics. So glad I did.
  • I want to run this race again next year!
  • During the 5k I felt great. Ran the race as a warm up.
  • During the 10k I felt good. I ran the race as a comfortable run and took pics.
  • During the half I thought a lot about being a runner that is 45. More on that later.

I could go on and on! Coming up next? A peek behind the scenes at Runner’s World Magazine. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be and more!

Would you consider running a Hat Trick? Have you ever been to PA? Have you ever worn new gear during a race? Glad you did or regret it?

Disclaimer: I participated in the Runner’s World Half & Festival weekend as a FitFluential Ambassador. I received a free entry to the race and participation in the events. All opinions expressed are my own.

It’s Fitness Friday and time to link up! Share your fitness, health and nutrition posts!


Motivation Monday || Running Color Me Rad

Last week I pushed through training runs with self talk just buying time waiting for my lack of motivation to pass. I’m happy to say my wait is over! I have found the perfect remedy for training burnout! Run a fun run or more specifically run Color Me Rad! On Saturday Chad and I ran Cincinnati Color Me Rad. There is no way to run this event without having a great time. No Garmin and pace didn’t matter. Your biggest concerns are what color is coming up at the color station and getting as much color on yourself as possible. The timing of this could not have been more perfect. It was the mental break I needed to re-energize for training

Color Me Rad 2012


Rad tattoo.

My daughter rolled her eyes when she saw these. In fact I still have mine on just for her :)

Armed with color!

A quick stop for a photo during the run.

I surprised myself. The fact that I stopped running during a race for photos shows how much fun we were having.


There is no way to run this race and not smile.

The Color Bomb!

We’ll be back in 2013!


All future training plans will include a fun run or 2!

Is a Color Me Rad coming to your city? Sign up! You won’t regret it :)

Have you run a CMR? Have you ever run a fun run?

Joining Mamavation Monday blogging carnival.