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WIN Sports Detergent: #FitnessProblem Solution

WIN Sports Detergent: #FitnessProblem Solution #fitgear #fitness
Disclaimer: I received this product free to review through a Fit Approach campaign. I received no other compensation. As always all opinions are my own.

Fitness problems. We all have them, right? 

  • you want to wear your favorite tights on a long run, but they’re not clean because your daughter wore them during the week

WIN Sports Detergent: #FitnessProblem Solution #fitgear #fitness

  • where to put workout clothes when they’re still sweaty without the bathroom looking like this before the week even ends
  • the very attractive running tan

WIN Sports Detergent: #FitnessProblem Solution #fitgear #fitness

  • wearing your favorite sports bra one time too many (it’s just so comfortable!)

That’s where WIN Detergent is a solution to one of my #fitnessproblem! This is my favorite sports bra and for comfort sake I have worn it. A lot! And there’s a chance that I didn’t always wash it in between workouts. Now, it doesn’t smell clean even when it’s “clean”.

The verdict after a few weeks of washing with WIN? It works! My favorite sports bra smells clean again along with all of my workout clothes.

According to WIN: 

WIN Detergent is specially formulated to get persistent, sweaty smells out of the synthetic materials used in today’s workout apparel.
  • Synthetics are great because they wick moisture away from your skin.  But those same properties trap and hold onto oils.
  • Those oils bond to the fabric, and that’s where the stinky smell comes from.
  • WIN is optimized to break those bonds, removing the source of the smell and truly cleaning the garment.
  • The result is your gear not only smells great, but it works a lot better without all those oils in the way!

WIN Sports Detergent: #FitnessProblem Solution #fitgear #fitness

WIN is offering a chance to win 2 bottles of WIN Detergent (one regular, one green). Giveaway ends midnight (EST) November 2.

How to enter:

  • [Mandatory Entry] Leave a comment and tell me if you have a solution to my bathroom looking like a laundry room or your #1 fitness problem.

Optional Entries (please leave a separate comment for EACH entry!)

Since there is only one winner for the giveaway, WIN is also offering a $1 off coupon at Amazon. Enter this coupon code at checkout: WINGIVE1
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