Week 3: #ActiveLivingChallenge

Inspired by Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach

#ActiveLivingChallenge jillconyers.com @fitapproach @lornajaneactive

The challenge is complete but active living doesn’t end with the challenge. I’ve started setting 3 small Move Nourish Believe intentions every morning to start my day.

Lorna Jane

Week 3 #ActiveLivingChallenge jillconyers.com @fitapproach @lornajaneactive #movenourishbelieve

  • August 18th: Show us how you are practicing #activeliving today! Nutrition is the key to overall good health and proper nutrition is essential for us to look, think and perform at our best.” Nourishing with whole foods today and everyday. I know it makes me feel my best so why wouldn’t I?
  • August 19th: #ActiveLiving is for life! What part of the future are you most excited for?! I’m excited about all of the possibilities the future holds for me and my family! I look forward to anything that has to do with my kids, my relationship with my husband and my continued growth and change I’ve made a decision professionally and I’m excite to see where it takes me. There is too much to pick just one thing. 
  • August 20th: Share a photo of you getting sweaty with your favorite workout! Running will always be my favorite.
  • August 21st: What’s a short-term goal you’ve set for yourself? A fall half! After injury and a very conservative return to running I’m ready to start training for a goal race.
  • August 22nd: Favorite healthy snack. The tomatoes in my garden have taken over! One of my favorite snacks lately has been sliced tomatoes with avocado and sprinkled with paprika. Everything tastes better homegrown. Especially tomatoes.
  • August 23rd: Share your favorite #lornajane clothing piece from www.lornajane.comFor about 2 years I have always run in one brand of shorts. Now, I bought the black Run Short at the Lorna Jane store when I was in CA and it’s fit gear love. I want the green Run Short. And the pink too!
  • August 24th: Your favorite part of #ActiveLiving.  everything about active living! Some days it’s hard to find time to #move and it takes a little prep to #nourish but it’s all worth it. Getting more out of life by giving the best version of me! How could I possibly pick just one favorite?
  • BONUS: Favorite #lornajane inspirational tank. There are so many to choose from! If I had to pick one it would be the BELIEVE tank. I bought it at the Lorna Jane store when we were in CA and I wear it often.

Live Active: Move Nourish Believe jillconyers.com @fitapproach @lornajaneactive #motivation

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Thank you Lorna Jane and Fit Approach!

You deserve a beautiful active life. jillconyers.com @lornajaneactive @fitapproach

How did you do with the challenge? Did you make any changes during the challenge that have become habit?

be the best version of YOU


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19 comments on “Week 3: #ActiveLivingChallenge

  1. I love the “Every Woman Deserves A Beautiful Active Life” quote. It’s really inspiring. I love all the Lorna Jane tanks I have and I’m not sure I could pick one!

  2. This is such a marvelous challenge Jill, and your personality just shines through with it! I love it! Lorna Jane is such a great company, I really need to learn more about them :)

  3. I love always reading your Lorna Jane posts :) This post radiates positivity, I can feel the changes you’ve made for yourself through your words and I am so happy for you! As for your tomatoes, I’m jealous, send some my way :)

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