Heidi Klum for New Balance

A Collision of Sport + Fashion

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Heidi Klum for New Balance through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Heidi Klum for New Balance, all opinions are my own.

As a wife and mom of 2 very active teens and working, time is a big factor when it comes to fitness. When I buy workout clothes fashionable and trendy is not the first thing that comes to mind. It’s all about function. But, when I find something that is both functional and fashionable I feel great about wearing it and I wear it often.

The Heidi Klum for New Balance is functional and fashionable. It was designed for the modern woman on the go, and includes a range of shorts, tanks, and tights that lend to a workout and an afternoon of errands. I was provided a HKNB Mesh Singlet to try and I love the comfort of the light breezy material. The design makes it stand out from your average everyday workout top and yes, I’ve worn it often.

The little details like iridescent trim and the unexpected cutout back adds chic to transitioning from sweat to street and on-the-go.

Love this. Beauty and the beast. The best of both worlds.

My New Balance wish list and motivation a.k.a. a new Pinterest Board!

Do you go from the gym to run errands in your workout clothes? Do you wear workout clothes even on days when you’re not working out?



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48 comments on “Heidi Klum for New Balance

  1. Those are really cute Jill! I would love some of that…..if I wasnt sponsored by Saucony haha, have to stay loyal 😛

    I think its great Heidi Klum is behind this, and YES, definitely wear workout clothes all the time! As I am running rather a lot, it is easy for me to wear, and means I am ready to run when I need to! Thanks for the post!

  2. Does wearing Yoga pants all the time qualify as wearing workout clothes? I love Heidi Klum! I will have to look into her line. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That top is super cute, I have to go check out that line! I don’t run errands after I workout, mainly because I am soaking wet and no one wants to be around me after a sweaty session!! I do however wear my workout stuff when I am not working out, specifically my Swirl Gear tops, they are my favorite!

    1. Hi Sara, I try to avoid post-workout errands for the same reason. Sometimes limited time makes it unavoidable. Errands I have to do and I’m not skipping the workout to do them :)

  4. Yes, I wear my workout clothes pretty much all day…Unless I end of just super sweaty and a hot mess. On days I am not doing a workout, I end up dressing in yoga/workout wear anyway and do all my errands in them. I work from home and still have two school age children, so it is just easier for me to go through the day comfy…
    Jeans and t-shirts are my “special” items LOL

  5. You are not allowed to post things like this unless you also provide me with the funds to get some of my own 😀 I live in workout clothes during marathon training, especially, so that I can get as much compression in as possible, haha. My other “trick” is to wear my compression underneath maxi skirts and jeans.
    But yeah, my life is about jeans and running shorts.

  6. I wear workout clothes as often as possible! I’m wearing yoga tights and a workout top under riding boots, a long cardigan, and a pretty scarf at the office today. It’s so much easier to work out after work if I’m already dressed for it.

  7. Jill – you are too cute. Am I suppose to have clothes other than workout clothes? So bad! I am wearing Old Navy Compression pants with black boots to work today!!!

  8. I love to wear workout clothes. This winter I have pretty much lived in them!!!
    I will have to look into Heidi Klum’s new line – the stuff you are wearing is pretty cute!

  9. I definitely wear my workout clothes to the store, or pretty much anywhere. I love that workout clothes are fashionable and practical for working out. It makes me feel a little bit better to wear clothes that make me feel good AND look good!

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