14 in 2014

Runners Sharing A Goal To Run 14 Races In 2014!

Once again the response to a year long running challenge has been amazing!

305 participants so far!

If you’re new to 14 in 2014, check out the original post for all the details at Are You Ready To Run 14 in 2014?

What people are saying…

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The private 14 in 2014 Facebook group is open! Part of the fun of 13 in 2013 was meeting new people, sharing our accomplishments and motivating each other in the private group!

After your request has been accepted introduce yourself and check out the file tab for information and badges.

Request to join here https://www.facebook.com/groups/14in2014/

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Sponsors are teaming up with 14 in 2014 to reward your efforts and determination!

Our first Official 14 in 2014 Sponsor is…

BAMR BANDS is teaming up with 14 in 2014 to reward you for your efforts and determination throughout the year! Check out the shop for more headband colors and designs> SHOP BAMR BANDS

Coming soon:

  • virtual race calendar
  • more sponsors
  • t-shirt ordering information

I would love for 14 in 2014 to be bigger than the 13  in 2013 800+ participants! Share on your blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #14in2014.


There’s still time to sign up! Tell your friends and family to join you!

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69 comments on “14 in 2014

  1. Great idea Jill, I am sure you will get more people to join in this year! Fantastic idea! I wish I could join in, but unfortunately my training does not allow me to race very often, and when I do, I have to go for gold. I probably will only race a handful of times, but I promise to put the effort in of 14 races…..Maybe by the time you are up to 20 in 20 I will be able to tone my training down a notch and have some fun with races :)

  2. Love it–and I would love to join in- but I am very much trying to be realistic about my post injury return and trying to se achievable goals–so I worry a bit about 14. Can’t wait to follow along though.

  3. I am excited to get started with this challenge. Thanks for putting it together, the extra motivation will certainly help to keep going in 2014. I am also hoping that it will give me some extra happenings to put in my journal, it has been sparse to say the least lately. Take care and Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Thanks Jan! If you change your mind the sign up will be open all year :)

      I’m going to do my best to combine both running and strength training as a focus next year. I did it in 2010 and I can do it again!

  4. I wish I could join up on this, 14 is exactly what I’d like to do next year:) I find out Monday a little more about the next steps to take on the injury front.. Once I get that all resolved, I’ll be able to know what the future of next year will hold for me:) Fingers crossed:)

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  6. I’m ready! Already got #1 of my 14 half marathons in for the year this weekend. Thanks for organizing, Jill! Look forward to following along with you and “running” together!

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