What’s For Dinner Menu Planning

Meal Plan and Workout Plan for the Week

Meal Plan

I’m sitting here early Sunday morning realizing I don’t have a menu plan and, oddly enough, [at the moment] I’m ok with that.  I have the recipes I want to use but not a meal by meal, day by day plan. Before the end of the day I will have a plan because the week is too busy to not have a plan.

In the meantime, what will be on the meal plan for the week is…


meal plan

  • Green Monster Protein Smoothie

meal plan

  • Overnight Protein Oatmeal with Banana and Almond Butter


  • Edamame Hummus (Oh She Glows) with carrots and/or Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Banana Protein Oatmeal Bites (Candy Fit) with PB2
  • Baked Oatmeal Protein Muffin Tops (Candy Fit)
  • Edamame and Cranberries
  • All Mixed Up Juice



And the workout plan for the week

Monday: Form Drills, Newton Run, Ab Ripper, Stretch
Tuesday: Run, Planks, Strength Drills, Stretch
Wednesday: Form Drills, Newton Run, Ab Ripper, Stretch
Thursday: Run, Planks, Strength Drills, Stretch
Friday: Form Drills, Newton Run, Ab Ripper, Stretch
Saturday: Run, Strength Drills, Stretch
Sunday: Run, Yoga

meal plan healthy snacks

The winner of the Mediterranean Snacks giveaway is Lisa Welch McClellan!

Is life wonderfully crazy for everyone right now? Are you trying any new recipes this week?


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  1. this morning as i was making breakfast I thought to myself “i need to ask jill about her overnight oats and what brand she uses”— low and behold you mention them on blog today . sooooo which brand and where do you find them?

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