What’s For Dinner Menu Planning

Welcome to Week #9 of What’s For Dinner Menu Planning.

After my very cold run yesterday I got the distinct impression there will be no more running in shorts. The cold is here to stay. This time of year I crave the warmth, variety and flavors of soup. Fortunately, my craving is often easy to prepare, typically nutritious, makes great leftovers and easy for on-the-go meals during the work week.

I will experiment with and tweak a lot of recipes but not for soup. Get the right flavor combinations and textures of a satisfying soup is a science. Some of my favorite soup recipe go-to sources are:

A peek at some of last week’s menu.

On the menu for this week.

Do you crave certain foods when the weather is cold? Do you have favorite winter foods? Do you create your own recipes or have favorite online resources?

Now the link up!

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10 comments on “What’s For Dinner Menu Planning

  1. I love soups and stews at this time of year! We just bought a slow cooker and I need to find some good recipes to test it out as I suspect it will be perfect for making soups and stews on busy weeknights.

  2. Your menu looks awesome. Maybe one week you could post a grocery list and schedule for preparation. I just need some prodding to “clean up” my menu. It would be so easy to have it all laid out for me. A green monster protein smoothie sounds awesome for breakfast. That would actually stop me from going to Starbucks and indulging on something that I don’t need every morning. How do you make yours?

    1. Thank you Meghan. My green monster smoothies vary with add-ins but I use a base recipe of 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 tbs chia, 1 scoop Vega Vanilla Performance Protein, 1 frozen banana and 3 ice cubes. It’s so good.

      I’ll think about your idea of a grocery list and schedule. Thanks!

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