Transitioning to Natural Running Part 1


 I present to you the inaugural Fitness, Health and Happiness vlog! As I mention in the video this is the first in a vlog series showing my transition to natural running.

It isn’t easy to really see the details of my form  in the video. 3 few things I consistently noticed about my running form are 1. my foot doesn’t land directly  beneath me 2. I’m a serious heel striker and 3. My legs look like my knees are often locked. I’m going to put natural running to the test. I’m committing to 8 weeks to retrain myself to run.

Thank you to everyone that encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and make this vlog. 

Coming soon: an interview with a Newton Running Coach (not a video), strength and form drills,  natural running form,  Newton’s Gravity review and why I decided to try natural running.

Do you focus on your form when you”re running? Is there anything about your form that you think you could improve or should change? Do you have a YouTube channel? Leave your YouTube url in the comments so I can follow.


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40 comments on “Transitioning to Natural Running Part 1

  1. Ive not run in ages and am thinking about getting back to it.
    to me for some reason minimus running feels like the way to go.
    like building from the GROUND UP.

    1. Having done very little running in them so far based just on how the minimals feel I would have to agree. It’s amazing how you’re actually able to feel the ground and even more amazing is how your body naturally adjusts with each foot strike. Loving this stuff :)

  2. I’ve been in Newtons for 5 years now and love them, alas I’ve never worked up to wearing them beyond half marathon distance. I think I need those super pretty blue ones! All the best with the transition!

    1. Thans Marcia. So you wear the Newton’s for runs less than a half only? Is limiting the distance recommended and do you wear a traditional running shoe for half or more? Thanks so much!

  3. wonderful job with your vlog!! you did so well!! i think that so many people will really gain a ton of great info from you doing these!!! btw, i have the exact same pair of shoes!!! have a great day! :o) spa <3

    1. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. When they start to hurt I gauge tension by noticing how close my shoulders are to my ears. That sounds kind of strange but it’s surprising how often I realize my shoulders and arms are not relaxed when I’m running.

  4. I do my best to be mindful of my posture while I run. My feet go all pigeon toed and I try really hard to keep ’em straight. Also, I make sure I keep my posture straight with my shoulders back….I used to run all hunched over until my running buddy told me to run straight! Great advice!

  5. oooh! I love those shoes! I’m definitely a heel striker. In CrossFit my coach has tried to get me to change my form, and I’ve tried, but as soon as I stop concentrating on my form I go right back to heel striking. :) Good luck with the 8 weeks of natural running. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

  6. I started my natural running journey back in February and I also started with the Newtons. I LOVED THEM for many months but then the lugs started to bother me. Now I’m in a brooks pure flow and I am loving them. My only piece of advice is don’t get totally hung up with the Newtons if you start to get aches and pains. I was so stubborn about it and finally when I switched shoes I started to feel so much better!

    1. Oh no! Newton investment gone bad? Ugh! A friend recommended the Pure Flow but I just loved how the Newton’s felt. I tend to be stubborn too so I’ll keep what you said in mind. Thanks!

      BTW, I think my comment on your blog went to spam.

    1. I think proper running form takes training and practice just like with any sport. I wonder if that is the case with all runners or if there are runners that are truly a natural?

  7. I don’t do much outside running, mostly treadmill & I am not really a runner. It is part of my cardio. I definitely can’t do minimal running. I have BAD feet & no cushion in the balls of my feet so I am a Hoka OneOne running shoe lover. They saved my exercise life when my feet went bad. I think if I were more into running as “the thing” for me – meaning like doing races & it being the one love like weights are for me, I might work towards more of this.. I do pay attention to my form & arms & all that though! 😉 Very interesting though – thank you!

  8. Jill; great first blog! I’m really curious to watch your journey towards natural running. Until last year, when I started yoga, I couldn’t go barefoot EVER. Even in the house, my feet just feel happier and safer in shoes. Of course, going barefoot is the way strengthen your foot to go barefoot…

    P.S. Love how your shoes matched your jacket!

  9. You did a great job with your vlog, Jill! This will be such an interesting series… I’d like to move in this direction too, although not while marathon training. I look forward to hearing more!

    1. You probably don’t realize that our short conversation during the shake out run at RW is what convinced me to stop thinking about trying natural running and just do it. In 8 weeks I’ll know whether or not to thank you 😉

      The barefoot part of the transition training starts next week. I know from the form clinic I attended I have terribly tender feet but I won’t let a little thing like grimacing every time my bare foot hits the ground stop me.

    1. My videoing of the run didn’t quite turn out like I planned (so much to learn) but I have watched it repeatedly to study my form and it’s helped with keeping areas I need to improve in the forefront of my mind when I run.

  10. LOVE the vlog!!! Great way to keep track of your progress. I played a little bit with my virbrams and really feel that I run differently in them. I think it is due to the fact that I can actually feel how I land and my body automatically adjusts, since it doesn’t have the cushioning around. Can’t wait for the next video!

    1. Hi Christine! How well you actually feel the ground and adjust was one of the things I noticed immediately and am still surprised by. The science and research behind all of this fascinates me.

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