Top 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. PB2 – One of the best foodie inventions ever. If you like peanut butter you have to try this. All natural and tastes great! Now, if only they would create an AB2 (almond butter)!

2. Planning – Setting goals for 2013. An ultra? A marathon? Another Hat Trick? Maybe a destination race? The possibilities are endless!

3. Experimenting with Recipes – I’ve had a laughable number of epic fails with creating my own recipes but spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles make it so easy. I’m experimenting with 2 italian dishes using each of these this weekend. Wish me luck!

4. The Vitamix – I’ve replaced my blender, food processor and juicer with this one kitchen tool. The best part about it is the clean up. Seriously quick and easy! Can you believe it even makes hot soup?

5. What I Learned At a Natural Form Clinic – This should have been at the top of my list! That’s me about to run barefoot. Running barefoot is not something I’m going to do on a regular basis but with what I learned at this clinic I’ve decided to take more of a natural approach to running. More details coming soon!

What are you loving lately? Have you tried PB2? Have you started thinking about goals for 2013? What can I do to top 12 in 2012?

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57 comments on “Top 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. I love pb2 and I use google calendar to plan my whole life! If it just poofed and went away I’d be screwed! Eric never puts anything on it and it makes me angry because hes like I told you about this and that and I”m like if its not on my calendar its not in my plans. haha. {sorry for the tangent (: }

  2. pb2 is a huge fave of mine! i actually love any type of nut butter, LOL! im so jealous of your vitamix. i have always wanted one, but havent taken the plunge!! have a great day! spa <3

    1. Ɠi Jenna, it took me almost a year of debating whether or not to get the Vitamix. It’s totally worth it!

      Except for hazelnut I haven’t tried a nut butter I didn’t like.

  3. I ā™„ ā™„ ā™„ PB2! It is so good and easier to mix in recipes than normal PB. I am already planning for 2013, which will be my official first race season ever with the Miami Half Marathon on my 40th birthday and the Disney Princess Half in February. I’m excited yet terrified to be doing my first half marathons! :)

    1. Yes they’re a little pricey but totally worth it! Plus, it’s a blender, food processor and juicer all in one with clean up that is amazingly easy. Whole Foods often has demos with a really great deal. That’s what finally sold me :)

  4. I SOOOOO want a VitaMix to be in love with. Right now I’m in love with bulk cooking….making sure I have enough food on hand for the coming crazy busy weeks!

  5. I love PB2! Yum!
    Love your pre-planning 2013, hope you find some great goals!
    I wanna know how your zucchini spaghetti turns out, I’ve wanted to try it but honestly have been afraid! Ha!

    1. If my latest experiment turns out I will share the recipe. It’s funny. I was really hesitant to try spaghetti squash for the first time too. I wonder why?

      Having an unusually hard time coming up with goals for 2013. It’s hard to top 12 in 2012 :)

  6. I would love to get more “natural” in my running… something I really need to work on.

    Sp excited for all the possibilities in 2013. That is what makes a new year so exciting, the endless possibilities.

  7. Just read something yesterday on a blog about how bad PB2 is for us… wish I could recall where I saw it.

    Love spaghetti squash and all squashes.. looking for a spiralizer right now.

    1. Hi Elle, “not good for you” makes me so sad :) but if you come across the blog again would you send me the link. I guess I will have to google it now.

      I just ordered a spiralizer from Amazon!

  8. You know I still need to try PB2! I have a few goals lined up for 2013! Having goals makes sticking to a fitness routine more exciting! Looking forward to your next post – natural approach to running!

    1. Hi Lisa, I agree about goals. In fact, now that I’ve accomplished the 12 in 2012 goal I kind of feel lost. If all goes as planned my natural running post will be up tomorrow :)

  9. I had no idea that a Vitamix could make hot soup. Nice way to cut down on the dishes. I have been thinking about my 2013 goals. I’m trying to decide if they are all realistic.

  10. wow! what are you making in that vitamix picture above?!
    I have been meaning to do a review of PB2 – which I Just tried recently! It was funny to see that as your top thing! : )

  11. I found & wrote about this alternative to PB2:

    I happen to like it better & it is organic & uses coconut sugar rather than regular but tastes are different. It tastes similar but I like a bit better.

    No barefoot running for me… I have no fat in the pads of my feet. I am a Hoka OneOne running shoe lover which is opposite of the minimalist BUT to each their own as I always say! :)

    1. Hi Jody, so the alternative is healthier? Does it taste coconutty? Not a fan of the coconut.

      I have no interest in barefoot running but what I learned from just a few short runs made so much sense. It was a logic behind running form that had never been explained to me. My husband’s trail running group has a lot of Hoka fans!

      Off to check out your article.

  12. i’ve never tried pb2, but i do love PB! i think we should at least do the 3 way at the pig! i’ve gotta see how my first full goes in march, but a 3 way sounds like a lot of fun and not all the pressure!

  13. I have never tried the PB2! Does it taste like peanut butter? I have been using a lot of spaghetti squash too. Actually I finally bought a acorn squash (for the challenge) and it was delicious! I have also been making a lot of pumpkin items. I made a really good pumpkin curry last night! I am loving the winter squash family!

    1. Yes. It tastes like peanut butter. it really is surprising how much it actually tastes like peanut butter. I have’t met a winter squash I didn’t like :)

      Pumpkin curry sounds delicious!

  14. Ah the Vitamix. And natural running–two things that have changed my life for the positive over the past couple of years! And I think I need to try PB2–can you find it in stores?

  15. I am so in love with spaghetti squash right now! Have you tried shiritaki noodles? They’re a great spaghetti swap made with yam flour.

    Thanks for the tip on PB2 – peanut butter is my fav protein source, can’t wait to try!

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