Fitness Friday || Are You Ready to Run Thirteen In Twenty-Thirteen?

2013 Running Challenge

As you probably know one of my goals in 2012 was the running challenge, Twelve In Twenty-Twelve. I started and ended the year with the goal to run 12 half marathons in one year. I accomplished that goal this month at the Mason Half Marathon and have commemorated my success with photos…


Before moving on to plans for 2013 I want to give a big shout out and thank you to iFitness for not only their sponsorship, but also their support throughout the year! I started using iFItness products in 2011 before their sponsorship was even a thought. Their fitness products are exceptional in quality, product options, fit and comfort. Honestly, the comfort is what sold me!

Now, it’s time to plan and commit to a running challenge for 2013. To be honest, Twelve In Twenty-Twelve was tough and there was a time or 2 during the year when I didn’t think I could do it. As it turns out, Twelve In Twenty Twelve is one of my proudest running accomplishments ever and totally worth the effort! So, I decided I wanted another year long running challenge in 2013.

In 2013 I’m excited to team up with Jen, Marathon Mom, to co-host Thirteen in Twenty-Thirteen!


  1. Run 13 registered virtual or real life races in 2013.
  2. The number of participants will not be limited.
  3. Prizes throughout the year. Hint: Some of my favorite running and fitness products!
  4. We have set up a 13 In 2013 Facebook group to support and encourage each other and share the experience.
  5. To support everyone reaching their goal Jen and I will host 4 virtual races throughout the year. The first virtual race will be in February. More information coming soon.
  6. Share with Instagram and Twitter using the #13in2013 hashtag.

You might be wondering what distance we will be challenged to run? Unlike 2012, when everyone was running the same distance, in 2013 you pick and commit to one of the following:

How to join:

  1. Sign up [and commit] using the Google document. Sign ups close 11:59 PM (EST) on December 31.
  2. If you blog, post the challenge button with the distance of your choice on the sidebar of your blog.
  3. Throughout the year update the Google doc with your progress and completed races.
If you’re having reservations about committing be on the lookout for an upcoming post, Tips for Running 13 Races In One Year!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the Contact Jill tab above in the menu bar or at

Are you ready to commit? Do you have a running goal for 2013? What do you think would be the toughest part of running 13 races in one year?

Now the link-up!

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251 comments on “Fitness Friday || Are You Ready to Run Thirteen In Twenty-Thirteen?

  1. Wow! I’m seriously thinking about this one! I think the biggest obstacle for me is deciding on which ones. There are so many great races that I want to do. I like that it’s any length or virtual too. Hmmm…If only $$ grew on trees! :)

    1. I know what you mean Angela! My race calendar started out huge this year!

      Hopefully the variety of distances and including virtual races will help with people being able to participate and not be stopped due to $.

  2. yay- all signed up! I am doing the 5K but I am also doing at least 1 1/2 marathon in there… :) I am only doing the one though due to the way my body feels- I’ll stick to the 5k’s :)

  3. Hi Jill,
    I think this is great.idea. I will sign up because I am sure I will end up running 13 next year. I already have 6 halfs planned!
    Plus, I try and do everything you do anyway ! LOL

  4. Such a fun challenge! I was actually wondering the same thing as Meghan… I think I could get 13 races in, but I’m not sure about 13 of the same… although maybe that would give me a good reason to start training for the 5k for a change. Hmmm…

  5. Oh my goodess I love this idea!! I too am joining and I LOVE that you have all the variety of distances. I am planning on doing the 13 5K’s in 2013 but will also throw in a half hopefully somewhere in there. I am hoping to be pregnant in 2013 so I don’t want to go out too hard! :) I will be spreading the word on this for sure!

    1. I don’t know why I’m surprised to hear you’re not a fan of racing. Thanks for helping spread the word!

      One month would be a lot longer than I lasted with the RW Run streak LOL

  6. I’m in! I try to do at least one race a month to maintain my fitness. I’m already registered for 2 marathons, 1 half, one 10K, and 1 mud run. Does it matter that their all different distances and events? Which button do I use????

  7. Jill… I am so thrilled to be part of this challenge! I noticed in one of your pictures that you have your inhaler. I am still very new to running and I have been having trouble with my breathing. I do suffer with asthma and am assuming that you too have asthma. How did you get to the point where you are today? How do you finally get your lungs to cooperate with what the rest of your body is wanting to do? Thanks in advanced for your help!

    1. Hi Lisa
      So happy to have you join! The asthma UGH! is new to me this year. I have exercise induced asthma. The only way my lungs will cooperate is with the inhaler. As long as I take 2 puffs before every run I’m fine. I’m not a doctor but I am a huge proponent of not letting asthma stop me from being active! Talk to your doctor if your current asthma treatment doesn’t work for running.

      You can read more about my experience here

  8. I’m in!!!! My goal is to run a full Marathon this year and so the toughest part for me will be fitting in races with training and recovery (though doing a half marathon is part of Hal Hidgon’s plan so there’s #2 right there!) I love this challenge!

  9. Thanks again for hosting the 12 in 2012 challenge! I agree with you about this being a big running accomplishment. How many people are going to end up completing the 12 in 2012?

    1. Hi Suzanne. It was my pleasure hosting! I’m not sure but I don’t think very many accomplished the 12. Too many didn’t hold up their end of the bargain with the sponsors so I kind of stopped checking. Live and learn! Are you joining 13 in 2013? It’s tempting isn’t it :)

  10. Love this idea! I’m going to look at my local race schedule this weekend and see if I can make it work! Unfortunately we don’t have many half marathons here, but I should be able to find several 5Ks as long as the fee isn’t sky high. I will share this with my blog followers as well! It’s a great goal!

  11. I love this idea!! Wondering the same about doing 13 races of different lengths. I’m already signed up for 13, 4 – 5ks, 2 – 10ks, a 5 miler, 2 – 10 milers, a 17 miler, and 3 marathons. I’ll probably be throwing a couple more half marathons and 25k’s into the mix.

  12. I just entered my info to the google doc and hit submit but I’m not showing up. Does it take some time? Thanks! Looking forward to the challenge! I’m doing my first 50K and 50-miler in March & May! This will definately keep me motivated!

      1. I’m so torn, would love to do the challenge but don’t want to start and know I can’t finish. I have the feeling many things will happening in 2013 ( running and not running related). I have a few more days to figure it out. I let you know.

  13. I would love to be a part of this! However, I’ve only done 5ks (and one 5-miler) and plan to run my first 10k next spring. I’d love to do a variety of races, not just 5ks, but I don’t think I’m ready to do 13 10ks having never done them before.

    What about 13 races – 5k and up?

  14. So excited to find this site as I have been thinking about this for a while. Considering doing the 13.1 but signed up for the various distances for now. Thanks and excited!

    1. Tell you hubbie to join too! I convinced my husband to sign up. He might as well. In his support for my 12 in 2012 he practically met the same goal :)

      Coming up! I’ll post a few tips on accomplishing that many half marathons. I might as well share the benefit of my amazing experience :)

  15. I’m definitely interested in doing this! I’m only signed up for three races so far in 2013, but I want to expand them. As soon as I can figure out how to add the button to my blog, I will. Haha.

  16. I’m in! Awesome idea and just what I need to keep running throughout the year. I just signed up for my first half marathon in the spring of 2013! Loving that my New Year’s Resolution is taken care of and it’s only December 3rd .. check! The procrastinator in me has been conquered.

  17. Hey Jill this is an awesome idea! Just one question, do all the races have to be the same distance? I’d like to commit to running 13 races, but I’m shooting for variety in distance in 2013, so I was hoping for a combo of 5Ks, 10Ks and halfs.

  18. If I sign up for the 5k one, do any 10k or half marathons count for that month? Example indianapolis mini in may do I still need to run a 5k that month also?

    1. Hi Rachel, if you sign up for the 5k challenge it will need to be a total of 13 5Ks and you don’t necessarily have to run one each month. You might want to consider the variety challenge. That way the 5K, 10K, and half count :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  19. I am so excited I cold cry. I thought I couldn’t run my entire life. 80lbs down later I have finished my first half marathon and 10 5k’s this year. I love my life and I love the high I get from races. I can’t wait to see what this year brings in my life. Thanks for the challenge!

    1. Danielle that is awesome! I feel the same way about running. Would you be interested in writing a short blurb about why you decided to join 13 in 2013 for an upcoming blog post?
      2013 is going to be epic!

      1. I would love to. I think I emailed you about writing a blurb about why I joined the group and I would be happy to. Thanks for reading the comments. Sometimes I feel it is pointless because some people never look back at their comments.

  20. Love this! Just the push I need to get out of my comfort zone :)
    I’m so excited to participate and my first race will be on New Years Eve, I will start 2013 doing what I love most! I will only have 12 more to go!!

    Thank you for this great idea!

  21. I will totally run 13 races, but I am not sure if I am going to stick with all races in the same distance this time! I plan on doing at least one marathon, 2 ultras and a smattering of other races.

  22. I did 12 races in 2011 and was so proud of myself! I was hesitant to try it again because it was seriously hard work. I’m looking forward to the challenge in 2013 and can’t wait to see where it leads!

    1. Congrats! Agreed that it’s hard work. There were times this year when I didn’t think I could run 12 half marys in 2012. I’m so glad I did :)

      So, did you join 13 in 2013 :) What distance?

  23. This looks like fun! I wish I had saw this before I made my race list as I would’ve participated! I’m registered in a mix of races next year (14 so far) so I don’t think I’ll be able to register for 13 of the same distance races

    1. Hi Ali,
      Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. You can still sign up!! We have a variety option with the goal being running a combination of distances 5k, 10k, half, full, trails! Let me know if you have any questions.

  24. I decided to go for it! I didn’t run much this past year and really needed some motivation to get back in my running shoes. I’ve never ran anything close to 13 races, but I do much better when I have a goal in mind. Looking forward to 13 in 2013!!

  25. Quick question:

    My running goal for 2013 is to run 13 races (as well as my FIRST 13.1 miles) in 2013 (as published in my blog recently….. )

    My question is… order to be a part of this challenge, do all 13 races have to be the same distance? I’m hoping to consistantly increase my distance with each race (as I am a relative newbie)

    Let me know! I’d love to take part!!!

    J :)

    1. Hi Jenn
      Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. No, you don’t have to run all the same distances. Your goal would be the variety 13 in 2013 option. Let me know if you signed up and if you didn’t and want to I will add you.

      Happy New Year!

  26. Hi there, this is so great, as I have already planned on doing 13 13.1’s in 2013! I’ve started a blog and am so excited. I’ll also be running one or two marathons, a few relays, and several 5 and 10K’s. I’m jazzed to be a part of this group! Happy running Ladies!!

  27. I’m down and I’m so excited for this challenge! I’m already signed up for four so far and have two more on the horizon! Looking forward to completing my first half marathon on January 20th and starting off 2013 with a bang!

  28. Bummed I found this challenge a day late. Oh well, I am going to watch how everyone else does and stay motivated that way. I think I will go for 13 in 2013 anyway. What a good challenge!

  29. Yay, thank you for including a variety of race distances!! I am in for 2013!!

    One question for you is do they have to be road races only or do triathlons count too?

    1. Hi Leana. The variety challenge is the most popular. A tri would count as the variety or if the distance of the tri (is it a 10K) is the same as your distance of choice it can count for that too. Make sense?


  30. Just heard about this from a Mamavation sista. She said it was extended through the 6th, so I signed up on the doc. I hope it’s not too late! I’m a slow runner…just started last summer, but I signed up for and finished 7 5Ks in the last half of the year. I’m excited for 2013!

  31. Just heard about this sounds perfect for me. This is the year I am finding the athlete in me I love the challenge and look forward to doing it in 2013

  32. I just signed up-hope I did it right! Right now I am signed up for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, plus I plan to do the Tower of Terror and Food and Wine-now I just need to find 10 more before the end of 2013!

  33. I just stumbled upon this today and I’m in!!! I’ll do variety since I am currently a 5Ker, but want to add at least 1 10k and at least 1 half (was supposed to do two, but they both cancelled this week, so bummed). Thanks so much!!!!

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  35. I just found out about this today, and luckily I was still able to sign up. Thanks for extending it! :) I’m doing “variety” because I have races planned all over the board (everything from half marathons to my first 100K). Thanks for hosting this. I’m super stoked to do this challenge with everyone!! :)

  36. I found out about this through Tanya just a few minutes ago. It was posted on her blog. I’m also doing ‘variety’ because we may plan to expand our family this year if it works out that way. I probably won’t be running ultras or even full marathons, but simply everything up to a half marathon. We’ll see. There is an endurance event in the fall and if I’m not pregnant by then I’ll have a hard time resisting it. = ) Excited to do this challenge with all of you. Best wishes!

  37. Hi Jilly~
    I was able to get onto the Google Doc. But not add my linky. Will you be sending out more info on how the blog hop will happen? Or just come back here? You Rock! Thanks so much for doing this!

    1. Hi Candy
      What blogging platform are you using? I can help with WordPress but not Blogger. The FB group is great at helping with Blogger. You can ask there how to add the button. Do you mean the blog hop for race recaps? Yes, we’ll be sharing info soon! Email me with the contact jill link above if you have more questions. I’m happy to help!

  38. Hate that I just found this blog! I am running 13 in 2013 but have set no specific distance for myself just the goal to run 13 races! Can’t wait to read updates!

  39. I just found this blog…I’m confused about how to sign up. Is there a cost? Do you just add your name to the spreadsheet? I see that the dates have been extended but, I’m not sure if I missed it or not? I’d love to commit to this awesome challenge….if I’m not too late. Any info or guidance related to sign up would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!!!

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  41. Hi, I just came across your blog today!! I love this challenge. My husband and I are planning to do several races this year, so why not add more to complete 13! Is it too late to sign up for the challenge? Thank you!!

  42. I wish I’d found this in time to register! :( I did do at least one 5k on my treadmill last month and a virtual 5k yesterday. So even if I can register I think I’ll try to do this 13 in 2013 anyway u officially :) love this idea!! Wish I could register but still find it super motivating!! Thanks for the idea!

  43. Hi, I just finished my 4th 1/2 marathon this year. I set a goal of running one 1/2 a month and at the race on Sunday another runner told me about this 13 in 13 challenge so I said why not! I am new to running; don’t know much about it. On a whim (without trainng) I ran a full marathon when I was 55. Then this year, at 57, I ran my first 1/2 in January and compared to running the full, it was so fun; I could easily still walk at the end. I said 1/2’s are so fun, I think I’ll do one a month and off I went. I still have no ‘knowledge’ on how to run etc; just bought my first running magazine; am considering buying runners world new run guide book; would love to get some coaching; my best half time is 2:12; would love to run a sub 2:00! So I’m excited to join this group and see where I can go!

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