A Challenge For A Healthy Holiday

With half marathon #12 of Twelve In Twenty-Twelve next weekend I will be winding down successful completion of [most of] my 2012 health and fitness goals! I know myself well enough to know that without goals or a plan it will become way too easy to get off track especially during the holiday season. Don’t forget the stress that can come with the holidays. Staying on track with nutrition and fitness is one of the best ways to keep stress at a minimum. I’m sure you will agree that we don’t want to be another US statistic on holiday weight gain and stress! Right?

Join The Holiday Challenge

So, what’s my plan for staying motivated, active and healthy during the holiday season? I’m joining Amanda at Run To the Finish for another round of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. This isn’t a diet or workout plan. It’s motivation, encouragement, information and support!

This little challenge started 5 years ago and grew to over 1,000 participants last year with $3,000 prizes. Each year Amanda hears from participants about the ways in which their lives have changed from committing to this fun program. People have gone from walking around the block to running their first 5K; from finishing their only 5K to deciding to complete a half marathon; from dreading the holiday food season to being shocked at losing weight.

Why is this challenge so effective?
Community: Change is easier together. When you see someone else who never worked out in the morning suddenly getting up every day or someone who has declared they hate vegetables trying to incorporate them you realize that change is possible. You may also be thinking “If he/she can do it, then I sure can!”

Competition: No one likes to lose. You may not be overly competitive, but somewhere inside there is the drive to do just a little more than the person next to you…admit it you’ve been on the treadmill at some point and thought I can go faster or longer than so and so next to me.  Being competitive is a good thing when it comes to our health, as it can drive us to make changes or stick to a schedule.

Habits: HBBC provides a structure where other habits can also begin to flourish. It sounds silly, but something as simple as tracking your workouts and fruit/veggie servings every day starts to create habits. Suddenly you are thinking of ways to work in movement or add a vegetable to your afternoon snack.  Studies have shown that what we measure we change because it allows us to focus on a particular area and fix anything that is not working.

Experts: This year has the added benefit of experts on board to answer questions. If you are concerned adding mileage or trying cross fit, they will be available in the private Facebook Group to help you make the best choice.  When they aren’t answering questions, experts will also be providing tips on the website for workouts, injury prevention and healthy food swaps.

Pay Up: The November issue of Runner’s World had an article that also explains why this year will be even better. When you pay for a race or to join a challenge, you feel committed to getting the most out of it so you don’t lose that money. HBBC unlike a race could actually end up paying you since there are weekly prizes and grand prizes based solely on participation!

If you’d like to know more about the challenge and all the great things it includes like ask an expert (including Deena Kastor), #bestfoot instagram pics and tweet chats checkout HolidayBootieBusterChallenge.com for details.

Still thinking about it? How about a discount for registration? Amanda is generously offering a $5 discount to all Fitness, Health and Happiness readers who join. Not only that! Last week I shared that I started Best Body Bootcamp at Tina Reale’s Best Body Fitness. Well, everyone that signs up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge will also receive a $5 discount to register for the next round of Best Body Bootcamp that is scheduled to start on January 7. How’s that for a jump start on 2013 health and fitness goals!!

Did I mention the prizes? The seriously cool prizes include companies like Oakley, Asics, Running Skirts, Gap, Free Motion and more. I can speak personally about Oakley, Running Skirts, Gap and Free Motion. Those prizes alone are reasons to register!

To register, go to Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge [or click the image below],  select “Referred by Fitness, Health and Happiness” and the discount will be automatically applied.


Mark your calendars: CHALLENGE STARTS ON NOV 19 

I received a free registration to join the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way but the organizer of this event.


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33 comments on “A Challenge For A Healthy Holiday

  1. OMG Jill congrats, you finished your 12 already!! How are the other participants doing? Mine will be December 2nd. I need to read more about this challenge, sounds like something I need!

    1. Hi Tina
      My race #12 is this coming weekend. I’m emailing everyone this week so I can include them in my Twelve In Twenty Twelve Recap celebration :)

      You should sign up. Use my discount :)

      Have you thought much more about 2013?

  2. Between this discount and the one I got in an email this morning I’ve changed my mind and I’m going to participate again this year. Any plans for 13 in 2013? I emailed you last month but never heard back.

    1. I didn’t get your email! Hmmm. Did you sign up? I’m looking forward to the challenge to get me though the holidays. And the group is a nice break every now and then from the busyness. 2013 is still in the planning stages. One of my goals is to run a 50 miler so I have to come up with something 13ish that will work with training for that. How about you?

      1. I signed up for HBBC so I’m in! $10 is a lot more reasonable than $25 since it has been free until this year. I understand the reasons for this change and hopefully it will run really smoothly.

        I’m seriously considering doing 13 half marathons in 2013. If you were planning to organize something I wanted to participate but if not I may organize something on my own if that’s ok with you.

        A 50 miler is going to be such a great experience! I know you’re going to have an amazing time doing it.

  3. Wow Jill – congrats on finishing all 12! Very impressive. I might do the HBBC….let me rephrase – I SHOULD do the HBBC…I need something to get me motivated! :)

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