What I Ate Wednesday and A Menu Planning Challenge

I’m joining Jenn at Peas and Crayons for another week of What I Ate Wednesday. The theme for the month is fall into good habits. One of the habits I’m trying not to continue falling into is the snacking hour right after I get home from work. I’m not even hungry but for some reason during that small part of the day I am compelled to snack. This week I’m coming home from work and immediately keeping myself busy. A 15 minute stretch, computer, a short yoga session…whatever it takes to stay busy.

On the menu for Monday, September 17

I made Pumpkin Butter from Skinny Taste. The fragrance throughout the house while it simmered was reason enough to make this. Fall is in the air!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats. Another recipe from Skinny Taste that I tweaked to add protein.

A.M. Snack: One of my favorites, a Cranberry Almond Kind Plus.

Lunch: Yes. Another meal with my latest obsession, Salad-In-A-Jar. This is an Asian Salad with Broccoli Slaw and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite. I’m still amazed by how long the veggies stay fresh! Curious to know more about Salad-In-A-Jar? Check out my 5 Tips for Making Salad-In-A-Jar post.

P.M. Snack: Remember the snacking hour I mentioned? This is it. No. I wasn’t hungry but I snacked on Mary’s Gone Crackers anyway. Love the herb flavor!

Dinner:  A new burger recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. A Savory Lentil Mushroom Burger on one slice of toasted Ezekiel with red onion, romaine, almond cheese, mustard and ketchup. Oh and more Mary’s Gone Crackers.

Speaking of on-the-menu. How about a challenge?

Laura of Mommy Run Fast and I have teamed up to host a menu planning challenge and link-up for the month of October.

The basic idea?

To encourage and hold each other accountable as we purposefully plan out regular, weekly meal menus.

The goals?

To serve healthier food, manage grocery budgets, and put meals on the table throughout the week with ease.

How does the challenge work?
  • Every Sunday morning at Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health and Happiness, you can expect to find our meal plans for the week, including a menu planning template, recipe links and/or a new recipe. There may also be a bonus challenge to incorporate a specific recipe or ingredient into your menu.
  • For those who don’t blog, the link-up will be a great place for you to find menu inspiration and recipes and you can use the other social media options list below.
Stay accountable with all of some of the following: 
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #whatsfordinner to join in at any time with other challenge participants. We’ll share recipes and ideas, let each other how we’re doing, and chat healthy  meals in general. (Our twitter handles are @mommyrunfaster and @jillconyers)
  • Use the Instagram hashtag #whatsfordinner to share photos of your food (preparing, grocery shopping, eating, etc.) (Follow @jillconyers and @mommyrunfast)

Want to join? Sign up here! (No worries if you can’t link up every week)

We will begin on Sunday, September 30th.  For the month of October, there will be weekly prizes drawn from the comments, links, and tweets.

Prizes for week one will be drawn from comments, tweets and shares.  You can tweet the following, or write your own:

Join the October What’s for Dinner link up from @jillconyers and @mommyrunfast on Sundays! Sign up here: http://bit.ly/Uc8mmE

We’re excited to see share ideas and support each other- hope you can join us by linking up, or read along and get inspired!

Not sure about menu planning? Check out the Benefits of Menu Planning to help you decide.

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26 comments on “What I Ate Wednesday and A Menu Planning Challenge

  1. Yay! I love the idea of a link-up! Especially because I have been thinking about meal menu planning. It was easier when I lived by myself but now that my parents moved in with me, and we spend so much time in the hospital with my dad, it would be so helpful and would allow me to stay on track! I tried the pumpkin overnight oats and they weere so good! Loved it!

  2. What a cool challenge to start meal planning together! I’d love that! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to jump on board straight away – crazy busy this week – but I’ll keep it in mind for sure!

    I’ve never seen your blog before, I got here after uploading my WIAW post on Jenn’s site. I love your blog! I’m just getting into fitness and I can use all the support I can find 😉

    Love, Leanne

  3. It is definitely pumpkin season! haha! I love the idea of a salad in a jar. So convenient! I don’t know if it’d be big enough for me though 😉

  4. Mmm, pumpkin overnight protein oats sounds like something I would eat. Actually everything yoiu posted I would love to eat. I’m hoping to participate in your menu planning! A great idea!

  5. OOooohh. Pumpkin! I love it. I am putting it on my weekly shopping menu right now. I have been wanting to make some pumpkin muffins and you have inspired me.

    I am in for the challenge. The only thing is that I often eat a bowl of broccoli while watering the garden and call it dinner, so “sit down meals” are all relative in my book! But I love planning out my week regardless! This sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. I totally feel where you are coming from regarding snacking after work — it happens to me all the time! I love your idea of picking an activity to do right after work for a short period of time to try and get past that. I’m definitely going to try that!

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