The Top 5 Benefits of Plank Exercises and a Plank-A-Day PR

Have you noticed the #plankaday hashtag on twitter and blog posts?  Sherry Pagoto hated doing ab exercises, but she wanted to strengthen her core. So, she decided to start doing a plank every day with her friend Mike. The challenge is to do just one plank daily, aiming to gradually increase your time, and then tweet it using the #PlankADay hashtag.

The benefits of plank exercises are:

  1. Convenient – Plank exercises can be done at home or at a gym. All you need is a mat.
  2. Flexibility – Plank exercises increase flexibility in the posterior muscle groups throughout your body.
  3. Aesthetic – Plank exercises can improve your appearance by activating core muscles which stabilizes your spine and hips improving posture.
  4. Mental – Plank exercises can improve mental benefits that improve your mood. Plank exercises stretch muscles that commonly stiffen throughout the day and contribute to stress.
  5. Strength – Plank exercises help strengthen the midsection, upper-body and lower-body  muscles along the front of your body.

The benefit of joining the challenge is that it’s a simple and fun way to target your abs without doing crunches.

Using the challenge my goal is one plank everyday in the month of September with a long-term goal of 5:00.

Plank-a-Day Progress

9/2/12 – 1:16

9/3/12 – 1:14

9/4/12 – 2:04

9/5/12 – 2:15

9/6/12 – 2:14

9/7/12 – 2:17

9/8/12 – 2:35

9/10/12 – 3:03 PR!

Join the Plank-A-Day Revolution. Follow @DrSherryPagoto and @mbfgmike and send them a message that you’re starting. Tweet your progress with hashtags #plankaday and #planktweeps.

What is the longest time you’ve held a plank? What would your gaol be if you joined PAD? What are your favorite core exercises? Have you ever committed one month to doing something specific everyday? Are you motivated by challenges?

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62 comments on “The Top 5 Benefits of Plank Exercises and a Plank-A-Day PR

  1. Wow, three minutes! That’s awesome! I think my longest ever is a little under 2 minutes. I like challenges but am also a very hesitant to join if I don’t think I will be able to complete them…so I am very choosy about which ones I start and which I don’t. PAD seems doable though!

  2. I do a lot of different core work. I actually do planks whenever I do certain exercises & push-ups being one of them. I will hold for a little after the push-up. I don’t do for time anymore but maybe I will do that again – maybe.. 😉

  3. Most excellent PR Jill!
    I plank most days as well, either on my own or as part of one of my classes. I timed last week (for our challenge), but don’t usually.
    And I rarely Tweet about it which means the #plankaday Twitter police are ALWAYS on my case!

  4. Love the new blog look:) Great job on your plank time! I think my record is 3 minutes. I did it at bootcamp when the instructor was punishing the whole class for a couple of people falling. Argh!

  5. 3 minutes is awesome, Jill! I realized planks were bothering my shin when it was acting up this summer, so I improvised with my legs up on a chair or couch to keep them going… I love how effective they are!

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  7. I am looking for a plank challenge and looking for some tips… I can currently do right around a minute plank. I want to increase my plank. What do you suggest increasing it by daily. I would be doing this for a 2 month challenge and want to know what a realistic goal would be. Also, do you guys take break days or everyday is a plank day?

    Thanks for the imput! :)

  8. I just read the benefits of the plank so I started with 30 sec. Today. I hope it strengthens my lower back and improves my posture. Love the posts

    1. Hi Cynthia. One of the biggest benefits of planks for me was stronger lower back which means no lower back pain. Sweet! Good luck! If you stick with it regularly you will be amazed by how quickly the time increases!

  9. I love planks. Up to 5:30 now. Shooting for 10 min with good form. Nice site. I also do crunch machine. Only do planks every other day at most along with my upper body work out routine. I really notice a good change in posture…great benefit of planks! I have been into fitness for several years and notice big change in control of lateral movement.

  10. without question you will be sore when you first begin planking. Do not be surprised if you only can hold a plank for 25 seconds. Very few people can hold a plank for one to two minutes when they first begin planking exercise. I will not lie, you will shake and burn when you first begin. I do over 200 push ups and weight train daily. I also do ab crunches , but I will happily tell you, planking works, as long as you use the correct form. I find it beneficial to hold my stomach in while planking. I served twice in combat and we did planking exercise while training. Lastly I no longer feel lower back pain from playing tennis. Hang in there, planking exercises work.

  11. Can i lose weight by doing plank everyday? I just started yesterday for 60 seconds and today i reached 90 sec. Planning to increase 30 sec every day.

  12. I started planks about a month ago and have been able to hit 5 minutes fairly consistently, with longest time of 6:16. I’m a 67 year old male who had a major stroke on Christmas Eve, 2014 losing control of the left side of my body and balance for several days. My physical therapist worked to improve my core muscles with leg lifts, weighted squats and lunges. I am not sure why he did not have me doing planks, as the benefits to core muscles have been terrific.

    While i still do weight traing every other day at the gym, I also do the standard plank and side planks(45sec) every day at home.

    Someone had mentioned that people regard planking as easy, and i used to think that as i saw people doing them at the gym. But anyone who has sone them for more than 30 seconds knows that is not true.

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