Benefits of Circuit Training || Total Body and Less Time

Week 2 of The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge included a circuit workout of 8 exercises to be performed 6 times during the week. I’d often read about circuit training but never actually tried it. I completed 8 of the FSFC circuit routine this week and loved it.

16 repetitions of each

  • squats plus shoulder press
  • pushups
  • lunges plus bicep hammer curls
  • bent over reverse flys
  • tricep dips
  • plank
  • bridge
  • v-sit core rotation

What is a circuit workout? 

After looking at a variety of circuit workouts the routines typically:

  1. alternate between muscle groups allowing for adequate recovery
  2. include a rest interval of 30-90 seconds
  3. allow for 1-3 minutes between circuits
  4. combine cardio training and resistance training

What are the benefits of a circuit workout?

  1. a total body workout
  2. an easy way to combine cardio benefits and strength training in one workout
  3. routines can be easily created for all fitness levels
  4. can be done at home or at the gym and with or without equipment
  5. shortened workout time

Pinterest is a great resource for circuit workouts! Check out my Workout Board for complete circuit routines.

 Have you ever tried circuit training? 

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24 comments on “Benefits of Circuit Training || Total Body and Less Time

  1. i definitely need to be doing more circuit training. i tend to get into habits and stick to running and yoga, but the idea of circuits always are in the back of my mind, i just don’t really do them like i should! haha. spa love!

  2. I was doing Tina’s best body boot camp the last 6 weeks or so, and she incorporated a lot of circuit training, too. I was amazed how much I could work up a sweat in these workouts! Definitely a great way to get in full body strength training.

  3. This is a great post. You know what, I love circuit training, but I haven’t ever done it properly – this is really, really helpful! I’ve never been good at rest 😛

  4. Yes I love circuits or high intensity intervals. As you said it’s a great way to combine cardio and strength training all in one and you burn more calories long after your workout is even over! Time is precious so maximize your workout in the shortest time possible =)

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