Top 5 Running Must-Haves

I decided to join Fitness Cheerleader’s blogging challenge for some of her great blogging prompts. Starting with my top 5 running must-haves. There was a time when this list would have been long. I tried every running gadget available and thought they were all my must-haves. Looking back it was part of the fun and excitement of being a new runner :)

Now? Not so much. Basically my must-haves come down to comfort, safety, hydration and performance data.

1. Saucony – I’ve been wearing this Saucony for about 3-4 years. Every now and then I think about changing just for something different. Then I inevitably go back to this shoe.

2. Garmin – I’m a data person. During and after a run I look at performance based on data whether it’s knowing the distance, pace, heart rate or whatever. I kind of feel naked when I run without it.

3. iFitness – When I need a pouch and/or a hydration belt it’s iFitness. The best part, it fits so comfortably you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

4. Balega’s Hidden Cool Socks- Comfort! Just the right amount of cushion and in the right places. Fits snugly on the foot without feeling too tight.

5. Road ID – Safety. This is a must and it’s a comfort knowing I have it on. Maybe I watch too much Law and Order or Criminal Minds.

What are your fitness must-haves? Are you a just the basics type of person? 


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21 comments on “Top 5 Running Must-Haves

  1. Great list! I love Saucony but they discontinued my shoe and I can not find a new shoe that I love as much as the old ones. I bought all shoes available online and should have enough for a year or so :)

  2. my running must have are my sweet shoes (and pink laces, of course!) along with a sweat band around my hair to keep it all up and out of my eyes! i really like your road id. i don’t have one of those, and i think i really need to get myself one now! happy tuesday! spalove!

  3. Love your Road ID! I never even knew they created anything like this so cool and love the color =)

    My runner’s must haves include a watch, ipod holder and head phones, and a Nike Dri-fit fitted hat!

  4. Nice list! Yeah i’m Garmin fan, It was great when i was training for my long runs and could set the pace keeper. Also since i was doing lots of Zone running it was perfect to keep my Heart rate in a specific zone.

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