Healthy Eating To Fuel A Workout

Inspired by Fitness Cheerleader’s blogging challenge prompt, what do you eat before a workout?

What I eat depends on 2 things, 1. whether or not I’m eating on the go and 2. the type and intensity of the workout while keeping in mind that I need a healthy combination of carbs and proteins.

Some of my favorites are….

Almond Butter and Banana Overnight Oats. This is what I eat when I’m working out in the morning and when I have the time for a sit down breakfast. I have perfected this recipe! If it were up to me I would eat almost every morning.

Chocolate Overnight Oats with Sunbutter and Banana. Fueling my workout on a non-work day with a leisurely breakfast on the deck. Perfect!

When I workout in the evening after work it’s on-the-go snacking usually during my drive home from work. Larabar is one of my favorites. Have  your tried their Peanut Butter and Jelly bar? Seriously good.

I love a variety of different trail mix-ish combinations of dried fruit with nuts/seeds. Nature Box has a perfect variety delivered right to your door for this type of snack. The dried pears and smoked pepitas is a  favorite combination!

When I’m not eating on the go but time is limited a favorite standby pre-workout snack is a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter and banana.  I seem to always have the ingredients for this in the house.

One more favorite on the go bar is a Clif Energy Bar. The mini size is perfect to get me through a workout after work and before dinner.


What do you eat before you workout? Do you have a few favorites that you eat often? What is your favorite on-the-go snack before a workout?

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10 comments on “Healthy Eating To Fuel A Workout

  1. I’m a Huge nut butter and banana freak! Love almond butter, cashew butter, walnut butter… Etc. Love it all! I’m also a huge bar fan as well. They’re so simple to take and go!

  2. I’m a morning exerciser, so I always eat breakfast about an hour before I teach or train.
    My go to is some form of overnight oats. Always with non fat greek yogurt (for extra protein!) and fruit. Keeps me full, but not sluggishly so, for about 3 hours!

  3. larabars are my staple before a half marathon. If i’m not prepared and I can’t find a larabar at the local grocery of whatever state i’m in, i’ll do fig newtons then because figs and dates are both the quickest converter to energy. can’t do cliff bars for me due to sugar alchols. i’ve done pb and toast before, it works but its just hard to eat too much before i work out.

  4. I love the almond butter- banana combo, too. That’s my go to fuel- usually half a banana before shorter runs, and a ww tortilla or mini-pita with alm butter and banana before a longer run. Your choc overnight oats look amazing!

  5. Your shared all the items of foods are very nutritious and enough to fuel our workouts. I want to try all the foods which you have shared in this article.

  6. Those overnight oats look great! I usually eat oatmeal before a workout as well. Although I just cook a huge batch and warm them up in the a.m. with a piece of whatever fruit I have on hand (often a banana, blueberries or a peach) and some sunflower seeds. It keeps me going for a few hours!

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