Fitness Friday || July In Review

Welcome to Fitness Friday #56! 

 Looking back the first thing that  comes to mind is the challenge of running in the heat and humidity and not letting that challenge derail my motivation and training. Of course there was more to the past month than difficult weather. July was a month of successes, challenges, running and obsessions.

July Fitness


  • Total Runs: 15
  • Total Miles: 95.25 (So close to 100!! Next month!)
  • Race(s): 7/4 Run For Liberty 5K; Lei 5K; Color Me Rad 5K
  • Twelve In Twenty Twelve: 0 (as much as I wanted to run a half this month it turned out for the best with the excessive heat and humidity)
  • Total Recovery Runs: 4
  • Total Speedwork: 4

Strength Training

  • Total Workouts Weights/Abs: 14
  • Total Workouts Yoga: 6

July Reading

Books Read

  • The Extra Mile by Pam Reed – an autobiography about ultra-marathon runner, Pam Reed, who, at the age of 42, won a grueling 135-mile race in temperatures that reached a stifling 133 degrees in Death Valley, California.

July Obsessions

  • Protein! Making sure I am eating enough protein from a variety of plant based sources.
  • Finding another non-fiction book on ultra running.
  • Beating the heat.
  • Speedwork. The feel running on the track and using 5Ks as speedwork.
  • 2012 Olympics!
July Challenges
  • I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the heat and humidity has been a physical and mental challenge. It’s tough to run when you feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest.
  • A serious lack of motivation and training burnout.
July Quote
  • You are better than you think you are. You can do more than you think you can. ~Pam Reed
How was your July? What did you accomplish? Was there anything in particular that was a challenge?

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18 comments on “Fitness Friday || July In Review

  1. Pam’s book looks great! I’ll have to check it out sometime. Congrats on such a great month! You’re so close to 100 miles. I’m hoping I can start building back up next month… my shin is keeping my from running right now. :(

  2. I think you did very well for not feeling motivated! I had a rough July as well. Surprisingly, or not maybe, it was one of my higher mileage months, but I was SO unmotivated! And I don’t even have the weather as my excuse! I don’t know what was wrong with me. I think after August (races) I will take it easy in September!

    Also, have you read Born to Run yet?

    1. You’re right. Not a bad month considering the lack of motivation.

      Yes, I’ve read Born to Run. I was just telling Chad I want to read it again. Have you? What did you think?

  3. You are so close to 100 Jill! I know you will hit that mark this next month. I’ve been suffering from a lack of motivation too and enjoying a bit of a break honestly.

  4. Hi Jill thanks for stopping by my blog,I am going to start my Fitness Friday posts back up I am so missing writing them but have been so busy.My husband has booked us a Marathon in 9 weeks time so I need to get back on track,I will be linking back up after the kids are back to school when I have more time to think :)

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