Fitness Friday || Run for Liberty 5K Recap

Good morning and happy Friday!

I know. I know. The heat comes every year so I should expect it. So not the case. It catches me off guard every year. I was caught off guard during the Heights Half Marathon 2 weeks ago but not this time. This time I beat the heat!

My July 4th started with the Run For Liberty 5K. My goal? Find a pace that I could maintain in the heat and set a 5K PR. I wrote the time and pace I needed to beat on my hand (should have taken a pic before I sweated it off) and SUCCESS!

Thoughts on the race:

  • Do I even need to mention how hot it was? The start time should have been earlier.
  • I wore my Skirt Sports running skirt for the first time. After wearing skirts for several recent races and I have decided I prefer running in skirts.
  • I met a running friend. I’m pretty sure this is the first race we have run together since the 2011 Chicago Marathon.
Many more thoughts (because I have a tendency to over-think things) but I’ll keep this short and sweet. Now that the sun is coming up I’m out the door for 5 miles before it gets too hot.
And because I’m excited about watching the summer olympics I leave you with this, Muse’s London 2012 Official Song, Survival.

Do you set a race goal before every race? What is your favorite summer olympics event? Do you wear running skirts and have a favorite?

Link up your health and fitness accomplishments, goals, workouts, successes and  struggles and visit a few new friends too!

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34 comments on “Fitness Friday || Run for Liberty 5K Recap

  1. I don’t always set a goal, especially if I’m not feeling 100%

    I can’t wait for the Olympics: soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, marathon…too many!!

    I have a couple of running skirts, Nike & Athleta, that I like but neither one is a favorite. Still looking!

  2. First, I have to figure out how to get that really cool Garmin chart into my running posts. I should update my Garmin software, I suppose.

    I like to go into a race with a plan, but I always get disappointed in my race doesn’t go as planned. And yes, I love running in skirts, but I think I like running in shorts with built in briefs better. Of course, I love running in tutus. 😉

    I’m working on my 4th July race recap. When it’s finished, I’ll swing back and link up.

  3. Love your skirt!!

    Great song by MUSE and I really love seeing a variety of sports during the Olympics. I don’t like when they only focus on the “big” ones.

    I haven’t ran a race since last year, but my goal is to break a 10 min pace during a 5K this year.

  4. I set goals most of the time. There have been some races I ran just to finish. Maybe I need to be more dedicated???

    As for skirts – love them! I think my brain thinks I’m cuter and faster in them. I’m not really, but it’s fun to imagine!

    And Olympics… I.CANNOT.WAIT!!! Track, swimming, gymnastics, and whatever else – I spend 2 weeks glued to the TV – staying up waaaay too late. We have a countdown going on here!

  5. At this point in my running I have only done 5K’s and I really just hope to finish it without walking because I have been consistant with running. But I have made a commitment to stay consistant so I hope to start setting goals for the 5K’s and hopefully 10K’s I run.

    I have not tried running skirts but would love to.

    I’ve linked up and look forward to visiting some other Fitness Friday posts.

  6. Congrats on a great race! Love the skirt :) I have a couple skirts but really like my Nike one.

    I can’t wait for the Summer Olympics to start: swimming, running, gymnastics, diving are all great.

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