2012 One Little Word || May

Welcome to the 2012 One Little Word May blog hop.

A glimpse of a journey that has proven to be anything but little.

The class prompt for May was to create a list of things you would like to begin, accomplish or simply think about during 2012. Document those tasks you have already done and the ones you want to accomplish in the future.

May Class Project
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Thoughts: Sometimes I feel totally on top of things, balanced. Other times I feel like the balance is a bit precarious and everything could easily come crashing down.

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So, relax, and take a little time to browse 2012 One Little Word ||May.

If you started here, at my blog, and want to start from the beginning, go to Margie’s blog at http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog.

Your next stop is Cindy at http://seriousplay.typepad.com.

Look for the May OLW Blog Hop on July 1.

Here is a complete list of blogs participating in today’s blog hop! (Note: the blog hop will go live by all participants no later than 8 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). Allow for adjustments in time zones.

Margie        http://xnomads.typepad.com

Monica        http://scrapinspired.com/tag/one-little-word/

Jenn          www.studiojenn.blogspot.com

Lisa          http://backtoallen.com/category/challenges/one-little-word/

Kimberlee     http://scrapsandsass.blogspot.com

Donna         http://holimess.blogspot.com/

Monica B      http://questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com/

Ruth          http://suburbansahm.blogspot.com

Kara          http://iwannabemewhenigrowup.blogspot.com

Nikki         www.inkyart.com.au

Amanda        http://scrappnbee.blogspot.com

Cheri         http://cheriandrews.blogspot.com

Veronica      www.veronicanorris.typepad.com

Kelly         http://mindingmynest.com

Carolina      www.micinnamons.blogspot.com

Naomi         http://poeticaperture.com/

Missus Wookie http://www.mrswookieswanderings.blogspot.com/

Brighton      www.simplebrighton.com

Jill          http://jillconyers.com/

Cindy         http://seriousplay.typepad.com

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My name is Jill, welcome to my blog! Jill Conyers | Fitness, Health and Happiness follows my life and my passion for family, fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I love being outdoors, conversations with my kids, run dates with my husband and creating in the kitchen.

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16 comments on “2012 One Little Word || May

  1. Great goals. I know I find it hard to fit in family nights and date nights. Everyone is so busy! I’m hoping with the longer days of summer family time will be easier. We are going to try to have family bike rides every Saturday or Sunday morning. Good luck with your goals!

  2. balance is such a tricky thing for me too and when it’s off, everything is off! thanks for sharing goals this month and how you’re making it work for you!

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