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I’ve been waiting since the beginning of April, when I added speedwork to training, for the timing of my training schedule to work so that I could use the high school track for speedwork. Up until now I’ve been using my regular running routes and adding the speedwork by running fartleks using landmarks for my start and stop. A little too ambiguous for me. I prefer the structure of a track.

Finally last week the track was available!! Chad and I went with a plan to run a 2-mile warm up and, starting easy, run 6- 100s. I never thought I would say this but I loved the speedwork! And running it with Chad made it even more fun.

1– 100 6:49
2– 100 6:19
3– 100 6:48
4– 100 6:49
5– 100 7:23
6– 100 6:07

I was so caught off guard with actually having access to the track I forgot to think about a specific goal pace for each 100. My original intention was to use the McMillan Running Pace Calculator. After checking the pace calculator I found out I ran the 100s too fast and getting an email from my coach, Christine only confirmed that. The strides were a faster pace that felt “controlled” and that was my goal.

I still have a lot to learn. Next time?

  • a goal pace based on the McMillan Calculator and my 5k pace
  • a little longer than 100s
  • get more info regarding how long the rest interval in between strides should be

What is on your schedule this week? Running? Strength training? Speedwork?


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7 comments on “Training and Speedwork

  1. I have a love hate relationship with speed work. It always makes me want to throw up during, but afterward I look at the numbers and realize that I can go faster! It gives me a confidence that I sometimes forget I have. I normally do 800s and I use both the Yasso technique as well as the McMillan calculator to figure out how fast I need to go!

  2. this is an interesting post for me. i would like to keep some speedwork around but im definitely not necessarily a fan of it…i wonder if in the past i have always run too fast or not consistently enough? i should try using a calculator to check out where i should be right now. it would be good for me to have something to shoot for and know there is more structure involved! great job at the track! sounds like you ran very strong!

  3. Great job at the track. I love to do speedwork too but typically do it on the treadmill. My goal this week is to get some runs in before my half on Sunday and do more strength training:) Have a great day!

  4. Good job! Those 100 are not the real speedwork, just a way to prepare you for the real speed work out soon! :) Ideally you will wait until your heart rate is down and then start the next 100m. I would say around 1 -2 minutes, depending how fast you went.

  5. Awesome workout! I love speed training at a track because that’s how I started running, track & field. I need to check the McMillan Pace Calculator. This week what I am most looking forward to in my first official race ever! Its a 5K so I’m super excited.

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