Monday [Running] Motivation and A Week In Review

After running the 2012 Cincinnati Flying Pig last weekend and the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon the weekend before my body was unusually tired for the first half of last week. On top of being tired life is crazy busy with the end of the school year awards programs, activities, competitive cheerleading tryouts and meetings, [FIRST] robotics awards banquet, and life in general. All of this made getting my workouts and runs in an arduous task. It would have been surprisingly easy to just skip training all together. I was THAT tired. As hard as it was and despite it all I ran. I worked out. I stretched. My motivation? I have returned to feeling the joy that is running. Feeling like I did when I first started  :)

This week:

Sunday: Recovery Run, Stretch/Foam Rolling
Monday: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper
Tuesday: Run [+Strides]
Wednesday: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper
Thursday: Run [Easy]
Friday: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper
Saturday: Run [Long]

Have you ever lost the joy that you felt when you first started running? The joy of a first race? What is on your workout schedule for this week?


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16 comments on “Monday [Running] Motivation and A Week In Review

  1. Love that quote! I find that when I am training or running for the wrong reasons for too long I lose the joy. This happens when I am chasing a time goal or just to rack up mileage every day without any runs just for fun thrown in there.

  2. I like to take it easy for at least a week after any big races. It helps to get my head (and legs) ready to start training again.

  3. After my first marathon in 2004, I definitely lost the joy of running. I felt way overtrained and I ended up taking a long time off. I am back and have a renewed energy for running and it feels so different now:) Way to push through!

  4. I like to run on the trails, because they remind me of the joy. I also try to change up my routes, so I am finding new, fun places around my neighborhood. This also helps it become less of a chore!

  5. I love your little tracker, I need to get one of those! I’m trying to get excited about running again and it’s been tough because now I have no cartiledge in one knee. But once I get going I know I’ll feel good!

  6. What a great attitude! So proud of you for getting all those runs in!! I have phases I don’t enjoy running, especially when I train for a specific race. That’s why I do not run right after a marathon or right before marathon training starts. Missing to run makes me fall in love again.

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