Three Things Thursday || Lululemon. Running. A Blog Comment.

1. Lululemon Athletica is opening this weekend closer to my house. Sweet!

2. Yesterday I went for a run and it was OMG hot! When I didn’t put the run off until it was cooler I realized a commitment to others is a huge motivator for me. Whether it’s plans to meet for a run, my coach (I love saying that I have a coach!) or my Ragnar Team (yeah, I love saying that too), my commitment to others is almost no-fail at getting me out the door and/or working out.

3. Yesterday I read this comment on my blog. It made my day :)

How’s your week going? Does a commitment to others motivate you? Have you ever shopped at Lulu? Are you ever surprised by a blog comment?

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19 comments on “Three Things Thursday || Lululemon. Running. A Blog Comment.

  1. Wonderful comment! It still amazes me how supportive and kind this blogging community is! My blog holds me accountable but also provides me with the support I sometimes need. Good job on your run!!

  2. What fun to see your blog pop up in my Facebook feed (via a pin from Life As I See It)! Nikki is right–You ARE an inspiration even if you don’t feel it. You’re one of the main reasons I love the OLW hop each month. I just wish I’d remember to pop over more often!

  3. Jill, you are the reason I began running several years ago and I quietly thank you every day…. I need to do it more loudly! You are an inspiration and thank you!

  4. Lulu is generally out of my price range but I have a pair of pants I bought when a friend was working at a store (employee discount!) and they are pretty comfy.

    And I would have to agree that a commitment to others is definitely a strong motivator. If it’s just me it’s easy to say, “I don’t feel like doing that, I’m not going to go” or whatever. But if someone is depending on you to be there, you can’t really back out unless you have a legitimate reason.

  5. It definitely helps having a commitment to ensure I will get out the door. I used to have a Lulu store 10 minutes from my house, but they went out of business:( I went in once and loved everything, but didn’t buy anything. Next time I looked they were gone. I have had many comments on my blog that really make my day. The fitness blogging community is so supportive:)

  6. What a nice comment! And good for you for getting out on a hot day! I tend to put off my runs until later if that is the case.

    My personality type deems that if I make a commitment to somebody (and even myself, if it’s in the planner etc) I keep it. And if I don’t keep it, I feel awful. So I keep it. 99% of the time. It’s a great motivating factor to have a buddy or someone who is expecting you to do something!

    1. Hi Maria. They have the cutest fitness apparel and from what I’m told very comfy. I just found out the store also has events like complimentary yoga classes :)

  7. oooh! i might have to swing by the lulu while i’m here! asheville has a small store that’s open a few days a week, but it doesn’t have a lot. you all have so much good shopping!

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