Fitness Friday || Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon Recap

Half mary # 4! 

It never fails. I get butterflies in my stomach at this point. As soon as I cross the start they go away.

I was freezing in this picture.

Something Christine said a week or so ago has stuck with me ever since and I realized I was approaching the whole 12 in 2012 with the wrong mindset. Not intentionally but inevitably with every race this year and I was sabotaging myself without even realizing it. Not this time. I ran this race with no thought of a PR and with no thoughts of running faster. During the race I started describing it as “I ran my smartest race ever.”  I literally smiled. My goal was to use this as a training run (that’s a first!) and to maintain a pace of about 10:15 the entire 13.1 miles. A pace that left me with a little kick at the end. I probably could have run a faster pace but in the end I accomplished what I set out to do. I crossed the finish line thinking I want to feel like this every time. Success!

Thoughts on the race:

  • Running through Churchill Downs was amazing. My favorite part of the course.
  • The weather was perfect!
  • The morning was so cold but I was glad I decided to bag-check my jacket.
  • I like my pre-race routine. I tried out of my “comfort zone” and  didn’t like it.
  • Chad is my race coordinator. It took him not being there for me to realize he truly takes care of everything. All I have to do is run :)
  • Oranges! Cold orange slices were handed out on the course twice and I swear they were the best oranges ever. Somewhere around mile 9 I spent a few miles trying to figure out how I could carry my own orange slices (probably not going to happen).
  • I should have taken more photos.
  • I finally met a blogging friend, Sandy, who was my P90X2 90-Day Challenge partner. I felt like I’ve known her forever instead of meeting her for the first time. Later, I heard Alyssa telling Chad that they were so much alike it was creepy. I should have taken pics! Next time!

  • We played yes to the dress and helped Sandy pick out her Derby dress. My daughter and her friend loved this!
  • Yes. I will run this race again.

One last thing. What I thought was a cold (and made it difficult to breath during the Gulf Coast Half ) turned out to be allergies. Really? I’ve never had allergies in my life! And allergy medication? What the heck? While it makes you feel and breath better it also sucks any and all existing moisture out of  your body. Ugh! With this being so new to me I was concerned about staying hydrated. I had the perfect solution. iFitness! My favorite belt is the neoprene double pouch and with the add-on option of a single water bottle it was perfect. Which, by the way, I didn’t need but I loved having a little extra just in case I needed something more than the water provided on the course.

(photo not taken at the race)

What’s next? The Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon this weekend!

Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby? What are your running plans for the weekend? Any tips on having allergies? Do you set a goal every time you run a race? Do you get butterflies in your stomach at the start line?

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31 comments on “Fitness Friday || Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon Recap

  1. Good for you for planning it as a training run, meeting your goal, and enjoying it! Sorry about the allergies… I developed them when we were living in upstate NY, too, but they seem to be better now. And yes, I’m always nervous before a race!

  2. NIce job on running a smart race! :) I think it is so important to run without goals sometimes, I try to do this after a big race for a month or so to reenergize myself and focus on enjoying running and focusing on the end result.

  3. Congrats on a great race! I love the Derby – this one is on my bucket list. Yay for running such a fantastic race.

  4. Im so jealous, but not about running, but being at Churchill Downs. What a fantastic place for a marathon. Looks like you had a great time. Cheers to you for running a smart race and finishing proud.

  5. Great job! That sounds like fun:) Yes, I get nervous before every race, even the ones that I do with my family just for fun not speed. Good luck this weekend!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! I actually ran that same race a few years ago and I remember being FREEZING before the race! I also remember being surprised at how long it took to cross the start line! I loved running through and then going afterward to Churchill Downs. It was definitely the highlight!

    1. It was so cold but not for long. I was so glad I checked my jacket. I think it took about 13 minutes to actually get to the start. Didn’t expect that!

  7. its nice to have a race you just really enjoyed the whole time (its sometimes rare!)
    my race last weekend, country music, had people handing out orange slices galore… must have had at least 4 (in my defense it was 80 degrees) they really DO hit the spot!
    Good luck at Flying Pig- ran it last year and had a descent time!

  8. You forgot to add that we ate two giant meals at my favorite foodie places and got stuck in a hail storm. And how dumb were we to seriously NOT take one single picture?? And we both looked so cute!!

    I’ll send a picture of me in my Derby dress after tomorrow! I got the perfect shoes as DSW.

    Congrats on your great race. I’m so glad I got to be a small part of the experience.


    p.s. Remember back in X2 Phase 2 when I told you I was excited to work in the 2 alternate workouts, but then realized I didn’t actually HAVE the two bonus workouts?? Well, I found them today!! I DO have them!!! YAY!

    1. I ran out of time this morning plus I wanted our visit as a separate post :) I have to share the lunch check in the Harlequin Romance :)

      Did the bonus workouts come with the basic X2? Extra? LMK how you like them. I may need to add them to my collection. Can’t wait to see photos!

      Think about next year!

  9. What a great race recap!!! I’m glad you had such a wonderful race, it makes me so happy :) I LOVE orange slices as well, they are very refreshing and easy on the stomach. I think they have some magic in them :) I’m planning on taking some with me on my next long run (in a zip lock bag). Let’s see how that goes!!

  10. The allergy thing is weird but not uncommon. I found that out when I, too, developed them in my 40’s. Great, I know 😛

    Nice job on #4…love the mindset and the perspective with which you ran it :)

  11. YAY for positive comments about the KDF mini! I live in Louisville, so this was my first 1/2. (last year) It was a new course last year, pulling the half marathon runners away from the hills of Iroquois Park.

    Allergies — you poor gal! We are notoriously bad for spring allergies — along with Lexington, if you ever make it there.

    If you come back in 2013, I’d love to meet up with you! I’ll be running it again then.

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