Fitness Friday | Being Flexible and A New Running Goal

So it seems that 2012 is determined to teach me to be more flexible with my plans. Remember Plan C, running Ragnar Northwest Passage? Now I’m on to Plan D. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like an endurance relay is going to happen this year. I’m not giving up on a relay. I’m just postponing it until next year. When I finally made the decision to postpone a relay I sent Chad an email to let him know that

  1. I would not be running Ragnar in July.
  2. I want to run a 50K instead.
  3. A Color Run 5K and Color Me Rad 5K are coming to Cincinnati and I want to run, if not both, at least one of them. His reply…

With me so clearly not being a go-with-the-flow kind of person I laughed at myself and thought…this is me being flexible! Just going with the flow  :)

So, on to Plan D. I’m determined to try and run an ultra of some sort this year so my new goal is to run a 50K in the fall. That’s 30.07 miles! Yikes!

Chad has been trying to get me to run Germantown 50K Trail Run  with him (it was his first ultra). It’s a possibility but not ideal with wanting to run 2 half marys in September and one of them being my goal race for the year. I’ll find something and make it work!

I was curious about times. How long does it take to run 30 miles? Last year’s Germantown results if you’re in the top 10…

On the other hand you have almost 10 hours of running. And it should not go without saying that’s 10 hours of trail running!

I’ll end this week’s Fitness Friday post with this. Just because I like it :)


Its it in your nature to be flexible and go with the flow? Have you or would you run an ultramarathon? Have you run any of the “color” 5Ks?

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40 comments on “Fitness Friday | Being Flexible and A New Running Goal

  1. Good luck with your plans, I hope that they work out for you. Ultra’s scare me, you are one tough cookie for even thinking of running one!

    I am def not a go with the flow type person! I joke with my friend that I even schedule my poos! LOL

  2. Best of luck with your plans. I have no plans on running an ultra, I’m working my way to maybe doing a 10K this year.

    The color rad race looks like a blast. I wanted to do it but because of the corn starch used we have to pass because of allergies to corn. I did do a muddy buddy and it is still one of my favorite races.

    1. Monica, let me know if you decide to run a 10K. I can cheer you on!!

      I’ve been wanting to reg for an obstacle run since last year when my son and husband ran a Warrior Dash. Possibly a Mudatholon will be added to my calendar :)

  3. We have a Color Run coming up here in Louisville as well — I just don’t think I’ll be back in the swing of things by then. Plus, I hate running in the dead of summer.

  4. My husband tends to say the same thing. It’s always something.

    So sorry you aren’t sound the relay. That looked so fun.

    I really want to do a color run or a mud race. They look amazing!!!

    1. When I first read Chad’s reply I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. I think I drive him crazy sometimes :)

      Not running the relay is such a disappointment. 2013? Want to join me? We can put together a team :)

      Color and mud! Adding them both to my race calendar for this year :)

  5. Wow! a 50K Ultra!!! the most I have done is 26.2! I hope you do well and get the time you are looking for! Flexiblity in Fitness is so important… the point is to mix it up when you need to and never stop! Blessings~

  6. Good for you for being flexible! Wow, a 50k! I have never done an ultra and don’t really have the desire to. Maybe there is another full marathon in my future, but nothing more than that. Can’t wait to hear about which race you decide on:)

  7. Ug. Flexible….! You sound like you are taking it well. What happened with Ragnar!? Anyway, I think 50k is doable. There is a website you can find out where they are and how full they are as far as signups go… it’s It’s nice because you can sort it by which ones are almost full, or by month or by length…whatever! I am thinking of doing the Skyline 50k in Castro Valley if you feel like traveling!

    1. Ragnar is temporarily postponed due to 2 kids (we only expected one) that need braces this year. $$$$$!

      Rest assured that I will be emailing you later in the year to plan a 2013 relay team :)

      Thanks for the link!

      I wish I could travel to run the 50K with you. That would be awesome! Maybe next year :)

  8. I am SO the opposite of “go with the flow!”

    An ultra sounds great! I think if I were to run an ultra I would go with a 50K as well. I’ve often heard/read that if you can do a marathon, you can do a 50K, it’s just a mental game at that point. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s a nice thought.

  9. I tned to be flexible and go with the flow as long as it fits with my plans 😉 I have thought about a relay for a long time and finally registered for a 50K in July, a little nervous about. Good luck figuring out a race.

  10. An ultra sounds like fun! Maybe one day I will be that brave. It all depends on what is going on as to whether or not I tend to go with the flow. I’m pretty easy going for the most part so I have to really be on a tight schedule not to be flexible.

  11. oh I’m bummed you aren’t going to do the Ragnar – I’m running it and was hoping we’d get to meet IRL! I have never run an ultra, but I think it would be awesome.

    My friend just told me about the color run – hoping to do it hear in OR this summer!

  12. I would do the same thing- replace it with something else! A 50k is an awesome goal… I know you can do it, and you have plenty of time to train and prepare. I’ve never done a Color 5k, but keep hearing about them. Sounds so fun!

  13. I never heard of the color runs, I will look into to it. I haven’t been consistent with running this year. I choose the eliptical or stairnaster for cardio. I know, boring. Now that I have some free time, I’m hoping to get out and run outside. Kudo’s to you if you decide to do an ultramarathon. I know a few girls from the gym that do those, impressive!

  14. a 50K!? you’re so awesome! i can’t wait to follow along as you kill that goal!

    i am dying to do a ragnar so if you need an extra i’d LOVE to join!!

  15. I would run an ultra! I might do one in Canandaigua, NY sometime (not this year) because that is where my husband and I got married.

    I’m interested in the Color Run but there aren’t any really close to me. Someday!

    1. I would love to run an ultra (or any race) in NY!

      There seem to be more and more “color” runs all over the country. I’m sure there will be one close to you.

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