2012 One Little Word || April

Welcome to the 2012 One Little Word April blog hop.

A glimpse of a journey that has proven to be anything but little.

The class prompt for April was to write yourself a little note- a note that includes where you are right now and where you hope/plan/envision yourself one year from now.

The now of my note, at this point, is I’m questioning whether or not my focus should be on a lack of balance in my life or having unrealistic expectations of myself. Trying to do too much. The where I hope to be one year from now is about having figured out whether it’s the lack of balance or trying to do to much [or maybe even a little of both] and having made changes. If it’s really a case of trying to do too much I will decide what is most important and let go of the rest. Not only that, I will let go of the rest without feeling like I’ve failed. Too much to ask for by the end of the year? My now also reminds myself of how I felt during a recent trip to Florida. Basically, my one and only expectation was to run a half marathon Sunday morning. No computer, blogging, workouts, work, menu to plan, creative projects or house to clean. It was a feeling of total relief and relaxation.

April Class Project

Self portrait. Me. Right now.
Letter to myself. I used a page and a half for right now you are…
Letter continued. Page 3 of the letter to myself is the one year from now you’ll be...
I remember about this time I thought my word for 2011 Embrace [who I am] felt elusive and almost unattainable. So, I’m optimistic that the unattainable feeling and questioning of my word right now is temporary. With time, and maybe a few changes, I will begin to feel the success and change I experienced with OLW last year.
How is it going so far with  your word? Does it feel like you made the right choice? If you’ve participated in OLW in the past, how does this year’s word compare to previous words?

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So, relax, and take a little time to browse 2012 One Little Word || April.

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About Jill Conyers

My name is Jill, welcome to my blog! Jill Conyers | Fitness, Health and Happiness follows my life and my passion for family, fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I love being outdoors, conversations with my kids, run dates with my husband and creating in the kitchen.

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30 comments on “2012 One Little Word || April

  1. what a thoughtful post, jill. ‘doing too much’ is a concept that so many of us can relate to. i like your plan for addressing the issue and moving forward. good luck! xoxo

  2. Jill–I always love your posts. Finding that balance is so tough; I think ‘balance’ could be my word every single year! I love how you’ve reflected and how you’re weighing what matters to you most.Great self portrait, too :)

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  3. Total rest and relaxation sounds blissful, balancing those many demands on our life is always a struggle. I think many people can understand that – glad you managed that time.

  4. i think yours is the struggle of so many women (including myself). thanks for sharing your honesty about your journey. love, kelly

  5. When I catch up with your OLW posts I always read a few of your other posts too – and from where I am sitting you achieve so much – you are a picture of health and wellbeing and I think ‘oh that is where I want to be this time next year’ ….. to others you appear to have embraced your word this year. We all set ourselves far too many tasks and the hard part is working out what is important – good luck with finding your balance – you are an inspiration.

  6. Jill, a thousand congrats on your half marathon! I am running my first race on the 20th of this month, so I can now relate to your thoughts and feelings. It is easy to feel disappointed in the overall ‘score’, but I am reminding both of us when I say that 13 miles is an accomplishment regardless of the time and pace! Blessings and strength to you!

  7. Hey Jill, we’re all in the same cruise ship together…finding balance and keeping our expectations for ourselves healthy and challenging enough to keep ourselves strong and happy…and still love and care for others. Been a real struggle for me this month also as I learned that some of the things I wanted to “Cultivate” just weren’t for cultivating right now. Wrong season. So…onward and forward. This article has helped me a lot this week…http://www.holleygerth.com/heart-to-heart-with-holley/2012/4/20/switching-your-focus.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dayspring%2FaSfH+%28Heart+to+Heart+with+Holley%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

  8. That is a tough one, but it is wonderful that you have identified your issues and I love how you are trusting the process. You are definitely living your life to the fullest. IT is difficult to live a very full life and document it at the same time. I’m glad you got to relax in Florida. It sounds like you need a bit more of that in your life! :) I always love stopping by.

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