Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Fitness Friday || The Expo. Part of the Race Experience.

When I was in Chicago last year for the Chicago Marathon a friend commented that “The expo is no big deal. I just need to pick up my packet.” and I remember thinking to myself I don’t think I will ever feel that way. It’s part of the whole race experience. The crowd. Talking to other runners. The excitement and energy. The shared anticipation of the upcoming race. The fun stuff. Products that are new to me. Packet pick-up. And yes the freebies too. I love it all!

2011 Air Force Marathon

2011 Chicago Marathon

2012 Gulf Coast Marathon

It doesn’t even have to be a big expo. Simply going to a running store for packet pick-up and walking around with dad was awesome. There is just an energy you can’t deny before a race and all in one place!

2012 Cincinnati Flying Pig


All of these photos will be in my running scrapbook right along side shots of the starting line and the finish line. I will say that I’m less likely to spend a small fortune at every expo like I did when I first started running, but none the less, it’s part of the whole race experience that I enjoy.

What do you think? Yes or not to the expo? Do you like going to the health and fitness expos before a race? Would you prefer to skip it all together if you didn’t have to go to pick up your race packet?