2012 One Little Word || Balance [and Running]

Welcome to the 2012 One Little Word March blog hop.

A glimpse of a journey that has proven to be anything but little.

March was about assessing and taking action. My OLW stays on my mind. Sometimes actively in the forefront and at other times simply a quiet ever present reminder.

With a short self assessment I was able to realize the progress I’ve made and the things that have changed. I am beginning to feel more balanced in many aspects of life, but I knew there was something I needed to do. People that know me won’t be the  least bit surprised. I needed to create a plan. A plan that will move me forward to accomplishing my fitness and running goals while allowing me to continue to develop BALANCE in my overall life. Note: I tried taking photos of the final project complete and in the album, but the cloudy days and serious lack of sunlight that we’ve been having made for very dark photos. I’ll share the creative details in photos next month.

For now, I share with you the March class prompt: Take Action

One last thing, this monthly blog hop keeps me on track with the creative aspect of One Little Word. Thank you to Margie for doing all of the work (I know how time consuming blog hops can be) and keeping us motivated every month.

What action(s) did you take in April? Do you find that your word stays on your mind or up to this point has it been an occasional thought? How do you keep your word active in the forefront of your mind?


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So, relax, and take a little time to browse 2012 One Little Word || March.

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24 comments on “2012 One Little Word || Balance [and Running]

  1. Great job with finding the BALANCE! I am still trying to find that for myself, but think that I get closer and closer each day. Good luck with the fitness program! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you next month as well! -Amanda (Scrappnbee)

  2. i too have found that my journey with OLW has been anything but little. congratulations on all your hard work both with your running goals and with your word. love, kelly

  3. Great post Jill; you seem confident and very committed to your word. I love the action and intent. Having a plan is such a great thing…can’t wait to see where it takes you. The power behind this concept of OLW cannot be understated.

    1. Thank you and I totally agree Cynthia. When I started OLW several years ago I had no idea of the impact it would have on me and my life.

      Hope to see more of your OLW next month!

  4. A glimpse of a journey that has proven to be anything but little.

    AMEN to that, Jill! I love that you’re doing what you need to do for you, and a good plan is hart to beat!

  5. Jill,
    Balance, what a wonderful choice for OLW. I, too, do better when I have a plan, it is making the plan that is sometimes difficult…LOL
    A wonderful post, thank you for sharing.

  6. Your plan sounds awesome. I’ve always wanted to set up a training plan, but fear sets in. The only race I would consider is a 5k. Just got the new book Train Like a Mother and look forward to fresh inspiration from them too!!

    1. I would love to know what you think about the book. Loved Run Like A Mother!

      Start with a 5K and if you stick with it you’ll be surprised by how quickly you will want to run another, maybe longer, race.

  7. Jill, I have visited your blog several times before and could not quite relate to all the talk about training and running and racing. Today, however, it is all making sense, as I am working towards my first half marathon. I will be returning for more advice over the next weeks. Thanks for sharing…

    1. Awesome! Stop by or email anytime with questions. I have not problem chatting about running :)

      Good luck. If you’re looking for motivation and support you should consider my Fitness Friday link up.

      The details are here Fitness Friday

      When is the race?

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