2012 One Little Word || Balance

Welcome to the 2012 One Little Word February blog hop.

A glimpse of a journey that has proven to be anything but little.

Before I move onto February. I didn’t have a photo picked out for the pre-class inspiration until recently. This is the photo that goes in the very front of the album welcoming the new year and the new word. I finally decided to go with this one.

The February inspiration is about seeing your word through the lens of your camera. This is something I will do at least one more time this year. This time I’m taking a literal look through the lens. From the moment I picked BALANCE as my word for 2012 I have envisioned a collage that shows exactly what I am trying to balance. The things that mean the most to me. The things that bring me the most joy. The things that have a consistent presence and importance in my life year after year.

Note: My  photos were printed in the wrong size so for now I’m sharing a digital image of the collage. As soon as I have the photos reprinted I will use the divided page protector as the final project for my album.


being a mom of 2 As

being a wife




computer time

the 4 of us together as a family


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So, relax, grab your favorite beverage and take a peek at the journeys of One Little Word 2012.

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30 comments on “2012 One Little Word || Balance

  1. I can certainly appreciate your choice for OLW, Balance. You have many roles going on.
    Your photo collage certainly reflects your many different roles as well. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Jill – fabby photo of you hon! Balance was my word last year and you have captured it so well in your photo’s. Will be interested to see how you do the rest of the year too. Very inspiring.

  3. I love your photos Jill! Your cover photo is so serene! Your mosaic is really awesome and it does feel balanced (so cool to see how words are reflected in the montage).

  4. great photos jill – i think they speak to many of us who, like you, wear alot of different hats and juggle alot responsibilities. sounds like your word is helping you keep all those balls in the air. :) (hehehe) love, kelly

  5. Hello Jill, I have been visiting your blog since last years OLW. Looks like you picked the perfect word for you. Great job on the prompt.

  6. Your photo is beautiful! I love all the light and how ready to go you look! Great collection of photos to capture the balance you want to achieve! Great job!

  7. I always love landing on your blog during the hop and think that your word–and the project this month–display perfectly who you are and what you are all about. See you next month :)

  8. jill – your title photo is lovely! such a great smile… i also like your photo collage, nice balance of family and individuality. this something i think we all struggle with. sorry it took me so long to comment, i’ve been out of town since the hop went live. see you next month. xoxo

  9. I am still looking for my balance. Trying to figure out what’s important for me. Your post is going to help me definitely… So thanks for that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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