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Motivation Monday || My Personal Juicing Challenge

100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope.

Remember my Considering a Juice Fast blog post in January?


And I continued to just consider it…until now.

This weekend I watched a must see movie recommended by a friend, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you’ve ever even remotely considered a juice fast or partial fast watch this movie. If you’ve ever considered adding juicing into your diet watch this movie. If you’ve ever thought you needed to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet watch this movie. I pretty much think EVERYONE should watch this movie.

Can you tell this is something I feel strongly about :)

Are you just a little bit curious? Watch the trailer.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Official Trailer from Team Reboot on Vimeo.

What did you think?

It’s time for me to stop just considering it. It’s time to stop planning. Stop putting it off until it’s the perfect time. Like Nike says,  just do it.

And yes, I have a plan. For one week I’m going to juice one meal a day (probably lunch) on the days that I’m not running and strength training. That will be 4 days of replacing one meal a day with a juice. Week 2 I will see how I feel particularly with my energy level and either continue the same plan or increase the number of days.  My pseudo target date to continue the one meal a day is until after my second half marathon in March. From there? Who knows?

My goals:

  • incorporate juicing into my diet in a way that supports running and P90X2
  • ultimately I would like to be able to stop taking medication for hypothyroidism!!!
“The one thing I’m finding remarkable about people is they say, ‘oh, I couldn’t do that.’ Why aren’t they even giving it a try? I just don’t understand that. You know, if you get into a ten-day juice fast and then you quit at day seven, well good on you for trying! Not, ‘oh, you’re a failure’ – good on you for trying.” Joe Cross