All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

Disclaimer: I received free product to review through a Fit Approach campaign with LiveWell 360I received no other compensation. As always all opinions are my own.

I needed all-in-one bag that I could use for work and the gym and I wanted a bag that didn’t look like either.

I want a bag that is efficient and attractive.

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

I have the LiveWell 360 Tote bag and I love it!

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

Whether work clothes or yoga pants, it goes well with whatever I’m wearing.

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

I take it everywhere with me – to the park for yoga, meeting friends for a run, and to work.

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

I even used it as a travel bag on my trip to Florida for a race. I’m not risking lost luggage with my running gear for the race so I always use a carry on for my running shoes, clothes and Garmin. It worked perfectly.

All-In-One Gym and Everyday Bag #fitgear #liveactive #livewell360

What I love about the Livewell 360 Tote:

  • Doesn’t look like a gym bag -love the sleek black look
  • Doesn’t look like a work bag
  • Great for a carry-on when traveling
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Perfect size for convenient everyday use
  • Space for workout and everyday essentials
  • Organized with pockets and compartments -pockets for your water bottle, shoes, cell phone, jewelry, and anything else I need with me for the day
  • Inspired by words – the inside is covered with inspiring words like courage , wellness, and health
  • Makes active living on the go much more convenient!

For more information on the Tote, use this link → LiveWell 360 Tote

To purchase and for 15% off, use this link → LiveWell 360 

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When you travel for a race do you pack your running shoes or carry-on? Do you have a favorite all-in-one bag?

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