Fitmark Instagram Challenge and 7 Tips for Healthy Meals on the Go

7 Tips for Healthy Meals on the Go @fitmarkbags #healthy #onthego

This post was sponsored by Fitmark Bags. I received a Fitmark Bag in exchange of my honest review. As always all opinions are my own. 

Think about the last time an appointment went longer than expected, a school game goes into overtime or a dance recital is delayed and suddenly it’s meal or snack time. Planning for the expected and unexpected is crucial to healthy eating on the go.

Life is busy and it can be a struggle to maintain healthy eating habits while constantly on the go. Here are seven quick tips to help:

Pack a lunch. Going to work, kids going to school, kids’ activities and even if you’re just running errands it’s a good idea to pack a healthy lunch. You never know what might come up that can delay getting home or when your stomach will start growling for food. Favorite tip: Pack your lunch the night before. I know, another easier said than done, but you will thank yourself in the morning when you’re lunch is ready to go.

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfasts. Toss out the quick and easy sugar-filled breakfast cereals. Try breakfast wraps, peanut butter toast or whip up a breakfast smoothie. Favorite Tip: make a week’s supply of smoothie packets for quick blending in the morning.

Healthy Snacks in the Car. Don’t get caught on-the-go with someone being hungry without a convenient healthy snack. Try to keep sealed, non-perishable healthy snacks in your car for anytime someone gets hungry. Trail mix, dried fruit, nuts are great options to keep as a hunger stash. Favorite Tip: I keep a tin of almonds or a healthy snack bar in my purse at all times.

Pack a Cooler for Long Road Trips. Fill your cooler with healthy lunches, snacks and drinks when you plan a long trip in the car. This can help avoid the need to stop at whatever is available at the nearest exit in the middle of nowhere! With a well-stocked cooler you’ll be prepared.

Know Your Meal Options. If you’re going to stop to eat do a little research ahead of time and know the healthier options available for eating on-the-go. Stores like Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have items that are healthy and ready-to-eat. Most grocery stores have salad bars and healthier options in their deli section.

Keep a snack stash. If you have a work fridge, an office drawer, a locker, or backpack stock a stash of easy to grab snacks. Ideas? Raw nuts, fruit, bars (Larabars, Kind and Vega One bars), dried fruit (no sugar added) and trail mix are great for stocking a stash.

Finally, get a lunch box that you like! Whatever you like in a lunchbox, i.e. appearance, color, size, insulated, find it and buy it. It’s worth the investment. I have tried a half dozen or so lunch boxes only to have to replace them yearly or it end up being too small for my meals. Favorite Tip: Buy a Fitmark Box!

Pack, prep, and keep a stash – healthy meals on-the-go really is all about being prepared. It takes extra time but it’s worth it.

Instagram Challenge and 7 Tips for Healthy Meals on the Go @fitmarkbags #healthy #onthego

I’ve teamed up with the Fitmark Bags to bring you a 7-day Instagram Challenge! You can do anything for 7 days, right. Trust me. The prize is beyond worth it!

Every day, simply snap a photo of your food on the go, add the tags @fitmarkbags @jillconyers #nicebag and #theBoxToGo and share it on Instagram. A bag of almonds in your purse, a smoothie, or an office snack stash – share whatever healthy eating on the go looks like for you! Don’t have an Instagram account? No worries! Simply share your photo on Facebook and tag @fitmarkbags and @fitnesshealthandhappiness.

How you can join:

  • Share your Instagram username in the comments below.
  • Follow @FitmarkBags and @jillconyers. I’ll be posting a daily reminder along with my eating on the go on Instagram as well as my Fitness, Health and Happiness Facebook page.
  • Each day, snap a photo of your meals on the go image Tip: use your headphones with a toggle to snap a selfie. This is especially helpful if you’re like me and have short arms!
  • Tag us in your caption!  Tag @FitmarkBags and @jillconyers and add the hashtags #theboxtogo and #nicebag
  • Connect with others- search for the #theboxtogo hashtag to see how others pack meals on the go.

Instagram Challenge and 7 Tips for Healthy Meals on the Go @fitmarkbags #healthy #onthego

A little motivation to pack healthy foods when life is constantly on the go and if that isn’t enough reason to join, we have a prize! By sharing your daily photos you will be entered into a random drawing at the end of the challenge for Fitmark Box Large! To be eligible, you must share at least one photo everyday for 7 days and tag the photos with @fitmarkbags @jillconyers and hashtags #TheBoxToGo #nicebag.

Bonus entry!

Between now and Friday, August 1, mention the challenge in a blog post or on your facebook page and leave a link to the post in the comments.

We can’t wait to see all of your photos and how you’re packing for healthy meals on the go!

Instagram Challenge and 7 Tips for Healthy Meals on the Go @fitmarkbags #healthy #onthego

Challenge starts Friday August 1.

Tell your friends and family! Share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help spread the word!



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