10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Staying active and healthy eating on vacation without missing out on the fun.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation jillconyers.com #travel #summer #vacation @jillconyers #fitnesshealthhappiness

The #fitfam is going on vacation and we’re going to show you how you can stay healthy without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

Families are planning vacations (or staycations) and enjoying the beautiful weather and time to get away and relax.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation jillconyers.com #travel #summer #vacation @jillconyers #fitnesshealthhappiness

Vacationing is a great time to relax, escape, and have fun. Here are a few suggestions to incorporate staying healthy into your vacation and returning home feeling good and as healthy as you were when you left.

  1. Eat before you go to the airport. Avoid getting hungry and having to eat at the food court while waiting for your flight.
  2. Pack healthy snacks to eat while you’re traveling. It saves money and it ensures you have healthy foods on hand to hold you over until you arrive at your destination.
  3. When you arrive make a trip to the grocery store so that not every meal has to be eaten out. Make sure to check with the hotel before you leave to see if the rooms have a mini fridge or kitchenette.
  4. Stick to as much of your regular routine as possible without missing out on the fun and relaxation of vacationing.
  5. Go for a bike ride or a walk to see the sights. Some places might offer bike tours. Just imagine a morning walk at the beach, in a new city or a nearby town.
  6. When making hotel reservations find out if there is a fitness center in the hotel and ask about safe running routes or park that is close enough to walk to. Whether in the hotel fitness center, a run from the hotel or a body weight workout at a park, they’re all great ways to get in a 30-40 minute workout that doesn’t conflict with plans for the day. This works especially well if the family likes to sleep in and you have some time in the morning.
  7. Plan a vacation around a competition or race.
  8. Don’t indulge in sweet treats at every meal.
  9. Don’t forget about drinking plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  10. Drink alcohol in moderation and avoid an abundance of empty calories.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation jillconyers.com #travel #summer #vacation @jillconyers #fitnesshealthhappiness

It can be easy to stay healthy while you’re on vacation without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun. A little planning goes a long way in staying active, avoiding overindulging, and feeling great.

Having fun and relaxing are the priority on vacations but, that doesn’t mean you can’t add staying healthy too.

Next week we’re chatting about new habits we want to start this summer. Maybe start a morning routine or a new workout time.

The Fit Dish jillconyers.com #linkup #health #fitness #fitfam

Have you ever gone on a bike tour of a city? Do you try to stick to any of your regular routine when you’re on vacation?

Now it’s your turn. Dish your best tips for healthifying a vacation.

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 The Fit Dish jillconyers.com #linkup #health #fitness #fitfam

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